Where Do You Spend Your Time
July 16, 2021
The Demotivators of Life
September 15, 2021
Where Do You Spend Your Time
July 16, 2021
The Demotivators of Life
September 15, 2021

Like everyone else, you have many different aspects that go into making your life what it is. At any given time of the day or night, it will involve you in one or maybe more of these aspects — each of them with their own special demands; each of them also providing their own set of rewards.

Looking at these different aspects of life and understanding your approach to each of them, do you have flow from one aspect to another?

Or do you sometimes segregate your life into these different aspects and see your life as a series of different phases?

By this, I mean that sometimes you see yourself as:

-Family member (Partner, Parent, Brother, Sister); or

-Domestication (Cook, Cleaner, Provider, Gardener); or

-Professional (Accountant, Salesperson, Architect, Nurse); or

-Hobbyist (Stamp Collector, Potter, Artist); or

-Sports person (Athlete, Administrator, Official, Volunteer)

The more of these unique characteristics we have in life, the more fullness we can create for ourselves.

There are, however, two key points to extracting all that these different aspects offer:

  1. Allowing ourselves to have as many different aspects to our lives as we want, without having so many that we do not really have the opportunity to gain the full benefit from each.
  2. Making sure that we don’t constrict our lives by not allowing flow from one aspect to another.

I remember recently talking to a coach who said they were “just a high school coach.” I said, “No, you are a coach who has decided to apply their trade through coaching kids in a school.”

The response surprised me, as it was that this person only saw him/herself as a high school coach and therefore, could not coach in a club system, at an institute of sport, or in a college or university environment.

This thinking was not based on skill, knowledge or experience, but based on some perceived limitation they had placed on themselves.

I want you to make sure you are not pigeon-holing yourself or what you do and therefore, limiting yourself and so restricting the life you are capable of creating, developing and delivering to yourself.

Allow your life to have many different aspects, each of them bringing a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment, fulfilment, and purpose. At the same time, allow there to be flow from one to the other. Allow yourself to move from one aspect to another easily, logically, confidently, and purposefully.

In the process, don’t tie your levels of confidence, self-esteem and self worth to one particular aspect of your life.

Know that you, as an individual, have different factors in your life and that together they make you the person you are. Understand that you are not just the sum of your individual parts; you are a person with beliefs, standards, values and a variety of factors that, when all combined, allow you to be the person who you are.

The Journey Continues!

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