September 17, 2020
Life-Profit v Loss
November 16, 2020
September 17, 2020
Life-Profit v Loss
November 16, 2020

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.

This is a wonderful quote that brings with it a great sense of relevance and significance, as each and every day we are faced with the most wonderful opportunity that life has to offer —

The Power of Choice!

With that power comes the chance to develop the lives we want.

The alternative to pursuing this opportunity and utilising this power is the probability of inheriting a life that is greatly influenced and created by outside influences.

If you will take a brief minute to consider the enormity of this opportunity you will also soon realise the magnitude of the responsibility that accompanies it.

Even though it is huge responsibility, one must not lose sight of the simplicity of process needed to achieve the desired result. The reality is that the life you want will not be developed by one or two key decisions but, more than likely, it will come from a thousand and one decisions covering a myriad of situations, circumstances and opportunities.

Therefore, the first (and probably most important) step to creating the life you want is to understand, realise and live by the notion that the simple decisions you make each and every day will have the greatest impact on the life you have or want.

Decisions such as:

-How you present yourself

-How you think

-How you behave

-How you communicate

-How you spend your time

-What you eat

-How you let others affect you

-How you do things

-What things you do

-How you want to be received

-How you want to be respected

-The people you spend time with

-How you talk to yourself

-How you perceive the world

-How you help others

How you answer these and many other similar questions, through your thoughts and actions, will go along way in predicting the life you will have. Understand the significance of each question, then create the answers in the way you want to live your life and in the way you want your life to be lived, and all will be great.

The Journey Continues!

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