You Hear It Often And Its Wrong

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September 15, 2021
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You Hear It Often And Its Wrong

Ok, so let me start this off with an oldie but a goldie:

“There is no ‘I’ in team.”

And we should follow that up with the usual response:

“No, but there is a ‘me’ in team.”

How many times have you heard that? Well, if you are like me, probably too many times to remember, but we both know we have listened to it a lot. But you know what? I want to throw something at you today that could change that saying forever.

And to begin with, I want to share one of my critical observations on teamwork with you.

“Teamwork is an individual attitude and skill.”

And by this I mean, that the only way there will be any semblance of teamwork in any situation is if each individual makes a conscious decision to be part of this team. And therefore, they start to think, act and behave accordingly.

But let’s take the individuality associated with effective teamwork and use it to blow away the myth of “No ‘I’ in Team”.

12 Steps to there being an ‘I’ in team:

  1. I will be an active contributor to the team
  2. I will accept and uphold the responsibility associated with improving the team
  3. I will communicate openly and honestly with the team and everyone within it
  4. I will be open-minded about others’ philosophies, beliefs and ideas
  5. I will not compromise the values, standards and culture of the team
  6. I will continue to learn the skills associated with being an effective team member
  7. I will be there to provide help, support and guidance for my teammates when and where appropriate
  8. I will continue to bring a positive mindset and set of actions to the team
  9. I will do what I can, where I can, to help anyone with their designated role within the team
  10. I will acknowledge, value and respect each individual’s role within the team
  11. I will be the type of person that others want on their team
  12. I will think, act and behave in a way that will bring benefit to my team and the people within it

Obviously, these twelve principles are only the beginning when it comes to the role of the individual within the team. However, with these twelve principles and the philosophy behind them, you will be one significant step closer to the development and refinement of a team.

Take the responsibility needed to help develop the teams you are associated with, and in doing so, make sure that…

The Journey Continues!

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