Annual Performance Review
January 16, 2023
Some Of The Things I’ve Heard
March 19, 2023
Annual Performance Review
January 16, 2023
Some Of The Things I’ve Heard
March 19, 2023

“Sometimes the greatest battles we face are not against an opposition, but against ourselves”.

If you think about that statement for a minute or two, you will quickly find ways to show how the opposite is true. Many times in the past, an opponent has proven to be very formidable. However, through it all, you have returned victorious. Victorious because of you, what you do, how you do it etc.

This is true, and not you attempting to justify your existence.

But if you look at the original statement, and when I say look at it, I mean openly and honestly, you will also begin to see that you do at times, have the ability to hold yourself back.

Let’s take a look at a few areas that you should consider:

1. Discipline
Most people say they have it, but to what degree? Is your discipline at a level that will take you to great things? Or is it at a very basic level that allows you just to get through life?

You see, discipline is something you have total control over. It is a skill and an approach that, if you have it in most, if not all, areas of your life, will bring with it significant benefit.

Discipline is not always easy to maintain, but it will always bring with it great reward.

2. Belief
The battle between our ears!

Yes, I can. No, I can’t.
Reasons why I can, justification as to why I can’t.
Examples of why it will work, Stories as to why it won’t.

You know the mental judo match I am talking about. Somedays, the belief will take you to the podium, whereas unfortunately, on other days, the conversations and, therefore, belief you have will almost certainly determine defeat.

Now, this is not about the glass always being half full, but it is about you taking a quick pulse check on whether your belief in yourself helps you or hinders you.

3. Problem-Solving
Do you put yourself in a position where you answer your own questions? Do you make sure you are the one solving your own problems? Do you make sure your approach to life allows you to be self-reliant?

Or is the answer to each one of those questions the exact opposite?

Someone else usually answers your questions.
Someone else usually solves your problems.
You usually rely on someone else to help you get to where you need to be.

Now I am the first to admit there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting some help when needed. However, if you go looking for help before you have even attempted to think, act or move so you can work things out for yourself, you need to realise you are actually disempowering yourself and probably doing so on a regular basis.

4. Intent
Don’t judge others by their actions and yourself by your intent. Because when you do, you make yourself look good and them in most cases, ordinary. And the fact is nothing could be further from the truth.

Forget about their results for a minute, and let’s just focus on you. If you start to give yourself accolades based on your intent as opposed to your actions, you are not doing the right thing by yourself or anyone else, for that matter.

It’s like you are cooking the books, making it look like there is money in the account when you honestly know there is not.

Be honest with yourself and mark yourself on what you do and not on what you think you might do. And in the process, watch on proudly as…

The Journey Continues!

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