Understanding Is One Thing, But…
August 21, 2020
Your Decisions = Your Life
October 14, 2020
Understanding Is One Thing, But…
August 21, 2020
Your Decisions = Your Life
October 14, 2020
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Well, what is?
• Breakfast time
• Opening the doors of your business
• Exercise time
• Time spent with your partner
• Picking the kids up from school
• Planning meetings at work
• Drinks with friends after work
• Evening meal time with the family
• Relaxation time after a tiring day
• Time spent catching up on the news of the day

Well the answer to all of these is both ”No” and ”Yes.” Confused? These and so many others are really important times of the day, but they are not the most important. So take another go at it.

• Reading time
• Catching up with your mentor
• Planning for the future
• Time spent pursuing your goals
• Taking time to help others
• Prayer or meditation time
• Time spent making you a better person

Well once again close, but you’re not there yet. The most important part of the day is the 15 to 30 minutes after the alarm has gone off each morning.

I can just hear you now, “Bill this time you have definitely lost it. I am at my absolute worst first thing in the morning.” Maybe or maybe not. Even if you are at your worst first thing in the morning, that does not mean this is not the most important time of the day.

Let me explain. It is the first 15-30 mins (depending on how long it takes you to get up and be active) that will be the most important part of the day. The reason for my thinking on this is in two parts.

Firstly, you can use this time to create life-altering visions and ideas. Think about those times when you are semi-conscious, fading in and out of sleep; you are aware of what you are doing but you are not fully awake. When you are in this state of relaxation and semi-consciousness, your mind is capable of dreaming, visualising and creating images that can be translated into true-life experiences.

It is well documented that different people throughout time have used this semi-conscious state to visualise ideas, creations and formulas that have changed the course of history.

There is no reason then, why you cannot use this time to imagine and create the things that can and will have a significant impact on your life. But how do you avail yourself of this opportunity? Well, the first part is probably the hardest.

You will need to set your alarm 15-30 mins earlier than you normally would. Next, you have to get into a routine of turning the alarm off and going into the semi-conscious state without going into an unconscious state. Last but not least you have to have some material to work with.

During the day, give yourself an idea or a subject that you want to spend a little time on the next morning. Go to sleep enjoy a good night’s rest, and when the alarm goes off don’t switch it off, rollover and go back to sleep. Switch your alarm off, waken yourself enough so that you know what is going on and then just lie back down, close your eyes and start to focus on the subject matter of choice.

With a week or two of practice you will start to create a whole new perspective of what you are capable of. It will create a clearer vision of opportunities that you can introduce into your life. You will create a tool and an opportunity for yourself that is truly quite remarkable.

Now, here is the second reason why the first 15-30 mins of the day are the most important. Please allow me the scope to explain this in the following way. Stick with me and we will get there.

I want you, if you will, to just think back to one of your early birthdays, perhaps you’re 13th. Yes your 13th. Why? Because on that day, you come of age. You are a teenager and today you have so much to look forward to. You awaken to the thought of — Today I am 13; today I am at the top of my game. You bound out of bed with a little more spring in the step. You take a wash and cast an extra glance in the mirror — Yeah I do look a little more mature. Boy how big is that smile on my face!

There is so much about this day that is going to be fantastic. There is just no way anything is going to be bad today. Your mindset is just one of absolute positive energy. You are on top of the world and there is no looking down. This is going to be the absolute best day ever!

Now, what is the difference between today and yesterday? In the true light of day, absolutely nothing — except for one small detail. That one small detail is how you perceive today is going to be. You decide to find and create reasons why this is going to be the best day of your life.

What an absolutely fantastic power to have: the ability to shape your thought process, your outlook and your mindset. Have you ever lost this ability? Probably not. Do you ever use this ability in the same manner as you did on your thirteenth birthday? Probably not.

Perhaps then, it is time to revisit the concept of using these first 15-30 mins of the day to shape your mindset and vision for the day ahead. It is in these first 15-30 mins that you have a choice. The day can either be the best day of your life or one of the worst. It really comes down to a matter of choice: Your choice.

The Journey Continues!

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