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December 14, 2020
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February 14, 2021
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What Are They, And What Will You Do With Them?


There are very few situations in our life that don’t bring with them individual, and sometimes even multiple opportunities.

Some we will recognise and understand relatively easily and readily. In other situations they will be slightly more difficult to see and perhaps comprehend. But it is a very rare situation that does not present some type of opportunity.

Some may come from a positive situation and others unfortunately because of a negative circumstance. For instance, even right now, with our lives being affected by COVID, there’s still some level or type of opportunity that exists.

Regardless of where it has come from and what form it is presented in, having opportunity is one thing, doing something with it is totally another.

But before we get too far into this, let’s just go back a little. What does it take to recognise these opportunities that are going to be presented to you?

Usually it does not take too much. Just taking the time to have your eyes and ears operating at increased levels of awareness will allow you the chance to recognise these opportunities in the thousand and one ways they will present themselves.

It is about just doing what you do, but doing it with heightened levels of observation and awareness. It is also about continuing to focus on your primary purpose while taking in and understanding all that is going on around you.

So let’s take it as a done deal that you are now on board with the concept of increased levels of awareness, recognition and understanding of what is going on around you. You are looking and listening for opportunities: all opportunities, at any time of the day or night.

What next? Exactly what is it you do next? 

The reason I ask you this is that many people are in this position every day. 

Opportunities are coming at them every day in many shapes and sizes. But what do they do with these opportunities? 

Unfortunately for some, they do absolutely nothing. Not that they don’t recognise the opportunities, it is just that there are several reasons they do nothing with them.
Procrastination is the usual suspect. They throw so many “what if’s” around that by the time they decide, the opportunity is long gone.

The next stage of failure to respond to these opportunities is waiting until you get all your ducks in a row. Yes, preparation and understanding are important. But if you wait too long and try to get too much in place, the opportunity is long gone and therefore, lost.

Therefore agility becomes a very important skill. (Perhaps increasing your levels of personal agility could be a goal for 2021?)

The bottom line here is that we cannot outline all the opportunities that are going to come your way, and even if we did, we could not even begin to cover how to deal with every one of them.

The most important thing to realise is that within the very near future, opportunity is going to come your way. 

How significant and beneficial that opportunity will be depends on many things. The greatest influence on how beneficial it will be is you.

Are you going to make the most of these opportunities and in the process making sure that for all the right reasons and in all the right ways…

The Journey Continues!

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