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November 15, 2017
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Validation of Self

When it comes down to it, does your view of self, carry as much weight as someone else’s opinion of you?

Not in the context of reputation, but in the form of day to day acknowledgement?

Are your self-belief, self-worth, and self-confidence developed from within or are they dependent upon validation from an external source?

Recently during a discussion with a friend I had to ask them to pause for a minute and consider how much of their identity and self-worth was being tied to the opinion of another person.

Unfortunately, my friends’ complete sense of satisfaction never really saw the true light of day, simply because the person they were relying on for validation was either too busy, distracted, or not aware of the significance of the accomplishments of my friend.

Due to this lack of validation, the opportunity for my friend to bask in the glory of their achievement was lost.

Obviously, we all welcome and place great worth on the opinion, validation, and recognition of those that truly matter in our life. Hopefully, we are, what we do, and how we do it is important enough to them, so that they recognise when we pursue or achieve something of significance.

However, that does not mean when the acknowledgement is not forthcoming that the significance of what has been done should be reduced, tarnished, or pushed aside.

Recognising the worth of an accomplishment is one thing, but the recognition of the value of self is way more important and necessary. Not in an ego type way, but in a quiet analysis of thought, attitude, and action underpinned by the strength of personal character and values.

Our ability to recognise the worth of self is critical. How we do things that develop our self-worth will hopefully gain the attention, recognition, and support of those that are important to us.

And in doing so ensuring that for all the right reasons and in all the right ways…

The Journey Continues!

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