One Mans Life Another Mans Learning
September 12, 2016
Stay Out In Front
November 10, 2016
One Mans Life Another Mans Learning
September 12, 2016
Stay Out In Front
November 10, 2016

Sometime we have to do things (expectation from others), sometime we need to do things (expectation from ourselves) and other times we want to do things.

Sometimes those things challenge us, where as in other situations we could almost do them in our sleep.

However regardless of what they are, why they need to be done and how accomplished we are at being able to do them, there is one constant we need to make sure that shines through…

The quality of the work.

It is very easy to be drawn into all the reasons why the quality doesn’t need to be or can’t be present. I don’t have time, resource, opportunity, support, budget etc. All of them in their own way and to a certain degree, have a legitimacy.

However, in the end if you take pride in what you do and how you do it, none of these or any others will become an influence of the end result.

You will from within, find reason to over come the usual fanfare of excuse that others use or make. You, because of your own reasons, will produce a result that is a true insight to the character and ethic of you and your work.

Comparisons will be made, they always are. Constructive criticism has to be filtered, not by what you don’t want to hear, but toward those people you know, understand, respect and believe that they know what they are talking about.

The job is good, however through the experience, understanding and subsequent feedback the next one, if given another opportunity, will be even better.

A master craftsman/women knows that as good as the finished product may be then better is always available.

Good is the enemy of great!

It’s not about never being happy, but it is about not being content.

Opportunity to change and bring out the very best of you is all around. Know it, understand it and utilise it.

Take and make these opportunities and you will never be disappointed. Not because difficulty, challenge and failure will not be present, but because you will rise above it.

And in doing so, you will be amongst ‘The Greats’ that know that “circumstances change but the challenge remains the same”…

Today I will be good, tomorrow I will be even better.

And through this approach you will be going a long way in ensuring that…

The Journey Continues!

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