Don’t say you can’t, Until you try!
February 24, 2012
Raised through Responsibility
April 26, 2012
Don’t say you can’t, Until you try!
February 24, 2012
Raised through Responsibility
April 26, 2012
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Time To Let Go

It’s a funny thing- Life. Many times we have some very obvious lessons staring us in the face, almost screaming at us to take notice and for whatever reason, we are almost oblivious.


In some cases we just don’t see them. Our focus is so narrow, our resolve so great, that we are just in the zone and we are going for it. Going that hard that what is going on around us, in our mind at least is non existent.

However there is also another side to this. Those times when the lessons are there, the signs are indicating that all is not perfect in paradise, or that we need to take a different route, or that the decisions we are making are not going to necessarily hurt us, but there are better alternatives.


But why do we stick to our agenda? Why do we hold onto things that we know is never going to bring the best result?
Simple answer is we don’t want to get hurt.

Now when I say hurt I don’t mean physically, I mean emotionally.

We would rather take the near enough is good enough approach than the hurt associated with doing the right thing. Think about it, how many times have you refused to let go of something simply because you knew in doing so it would be difficult.

That friend that continues to have your unquestioned trust but for reasons only known to themselves, doesn’t respect the trust you have afforded them and consistently breaks that trust. For some reason you would rather endure that broken trust than to say something and jeopardise the relationship.

What about those aspects of your life that day in, day out, you just endure because it is easier to do that than make the change necessary. Your profession, or even the environment in which you work, the lack of exercise, you body image, your thought process, levels of self worth and self belief.

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All of which can change but for some reason it is easier to endure the day to day inconvenience than to go through the discomfort associated with the change you need to make.

There is no doubt in my mind that for all of us, me included, there are elements we can and should be more aware of.

There are particular areas in our life that are telling us things need to change. There are lessons staring us in the face to alert us to the fact that things are not as good as they could be.

Then if you know this to be true, enough is enough. Don’t ignore them. See them, hear them, take them in and start to take more control of you life, what you do and how you do it.

Understand and learn from the situations that are trying to help you but you continue to turn a blind eye and say things like…..”Oh that’s just the way it is”.

It’s only the way it is because you allow it to be that way. And what is even worse, there are elements that not only do you allow it to be that way you also know there is a better alternative.

The simple fact is there are elements of our lives that we hold onto because it is easier. Not because it is better. But because it is easier to endure than to change.

Now for you I don’t know exactly what those elements are, but if I were a betting man I would lay some serious money down on the fact that by now you already have a couple of areas identified where you could make significant and beneficial change.


Aspects of your life that you continue to withstand on a daily basis that you need to move on or away from.

Think about it. Its time to let go of some of these things. And as much as it might hurt to come to that realisation. As much as you know it is going to hurt in the short term to go through with the identified changes. Understand this, that when you come out the other side and you will come out, you will be so much better for the changes you have made.

It’s time to change. It’s time to let go. It’s time to make sure…….

The Journey Continues!

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