Back Yourself
January 15, 2020
Yes You Can
March 15, 2020
Back Yourself
January 15, 2020
Yes You Can
March 15, 2020

Justification Of A False Truth
Doing one thing well in one part of our lives but doing badly in another. Then explaining and covering the negative through highlighting the positive.

There is a real and relevant argument that supports the case that superstition leads to better performance. But maybe not in the way you think.

Superstition leads to routine, repetition and consistency and these things are the cornerstone of performance. Hence why superstition can lead to improved performance.

Good Ideas
A good idea can be great. However, its true significance and value come from a successful execution and implementation.

Why the difference
When driving the car and you get cut off most react by screaming at or about the other party. However when walking down the street and you get cutoff or bumped into you usually apologise?

Getting there
Replace hope with fact-based optimism or process-based plans.

I’ll get to that
You can someday yourself out of a life

If you are guaranteed the absolute truth in the answer what question do you ask and whom would you ask?

Where or what are the potential points of failure? Where is the ice thin?

She’ll be right
It’s always going to be OK until it’s not!

Decision making
What is the worth and or the role of a gut feeling?

Being present
Where ever your backside is, make sure your head is in the same place

Progression, accomplishment and building character
Finish what you start. Do what you said you would

Understanding the point of discussion
You debate to find the best answer not to decide who is right or wrong

“Change only comes out of necessity” and that necessity is either externally demanded or internally generated. People change for one of two reasons…either their mind has been opened or their heart has been broken. It can come from drastic actions or an evolutionary adjustment or adaptation.

It’s me
Responsibility is done by you. It’s voluntary. Accountability is done to you. It’s imposed.

Just go into a conversation/meeting with one simple goal…To learn something!

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