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April 15, 2018
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June 18, 2018
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Their Success Or Yours

Before you can pursue success it is important you work out what it is you are actually pursuing.

First and foremost you need to define success on your own terms other wise chances are you will inherit someone else’s definition.

Success is a very personal thing, as what drives one person may be radically different from another. But in order to achieve it, it’s important to first define it.

Obviously, for many of us, there are external expectations that are required to be met, there is a set of goals that have to be achieved.

And yes there is a responsibility to meet those goals and expectation, but that doesn’t mean that those outcomes can’t be broken down and reshaped in a way that provides you with a greater level of ownership and commitment toward them.

You like everyone else will have an idea of what these outcomes might be.

Some will be material, some might be educational, some might be relationships, some might be spiritual, and some might be developmental.

In my experience, there are no right or wrong answers, only ones that are important to you.

However a word of warning if I may, multifaceted definitions, with definitive targets, and timelines in my experience bring the most complete, satisfying and rewarding definitions of success.

You have to own your own success and understand that it is moving target and that it will change over time.

But don’t sit around waiting for it to happen, do what it takes to make it happen. No time to wish, only time to do so that…

The Journey Continues!

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