You Owe It To Yourself
February 14, 2021
The Excuse Of Busy
April 16, 2021
You Owe It To Yourself
February 14, 2021
The Excuse Of Busy
April 16, 2021

“The truth shall set you free.”

A great quote, but sometimes a little easier said than done.

Not so much in a physical sense but in the sense that the truth, if and when it is outlined, will scare some as it will be an answer or an outcome that does not really suit their agenda. Therefore, if you don’t search for the truth, you won’t find or be exposed to the true reality of the situation.

The single aspect surrounding what I am talking about here is the lack of desire to ask the hard questions. 
Questions that will expose the truth, highlight reality and remove the uncertainty.

Now, for some, it is not so much about being prepared to ask a hard question. The hard part is what will be unveiled through the asking and answering of these questions.

To break it down, it looks and sounds like this:

Through asking the hard questions, you will more than likely find reality and the reality is not really what you want to hear or see.

So for some, the easiest thing is to simply not ask the hard questions.

And this is where we need to address this apprehension.

For mine, I can understand the reluctance. I can understand the fear. I can even live with unease.

But don’t ask the questions and just hope and pray that everything will be alright. That is something that I cannot fathom in any way, shape or form.

As hard as the truth may be, I would hope that you will find it more palatable than living with an untruth?

As hard as the truth may be, I would hope that you will want it more than just avoiding it and hope things will go your way.

As hard as the truth may be and as much as you may not like the outcomes the truth will deliver, I would hope that you still see it better than closing your eyes and ears to the truth and hoping everything turns out for the better.

As difficult as the truth may be, the more you walk away from it, the more you avoid it, the more you find yourself not wanting to deal with it. The more the warning signs are telling you you need to!

The more you stay away from the truth, the more it continues to highlight, to put it bluntly a weakness in you.
Now before you email me and tell me how easy it is for me to write this and how hard the truth in your situation is.

Let me say ‘I get it’.

I didn’t say the truth was easy, but I am saying the truth is essential.

The difficulty the truth may bring is nothing to the hollowness you will feel when that day finally comes when you look in the mirror and realise that your life, because of your decisions around the truth, has been a mirage.

Simply don’t put yourself in that position, for any reason. Why?

Because you deserve more than that, and because you are better than that.

“To thine own self be true.” And therefore…

The Journey Continues!

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