The Light Is On But Nobody’s Home

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August 24, 2011
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October 31, 2011
More With Less
August 24, 2011
Cars and Jobs!
October 31, 2011
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The Light Is On But Nobody’s Home

Over the past month, I don’t know how many times I have sat down to start writing my latest post.

I try, but in the end nothing really comes of it.

A number of ideas, a vast array of topics, a sentence or two outlining my thoughts at the time… But nothing in totality, nothing of any great substance, other that the subject or the initial idea.

Writers Block

Writers block? No not at all.

No shortage of ideas, but definitely a shortage of detail, perspective and insight.

As the days, and now weeks, have passed by it has become obvious on quite a few occasions that I didn’t have total clarity around what I was seeing and thinking. It was glimpses of reality, an insight here and there, perhaps a topic or idea to ponder.

That was about it, and to be honest it hasn’t worried me too much.

Sometimes, and for many different reasons, it takes time to gain perspective and contemplation to bring understanding to what we are witnessing, thinking or feeling.

This is not uncommon for me.

However, the one thing that is common practise for me is that regardless of where I am, what I am doing, or who I am with I will have at my disposal some way to record any ideas, observations or realisations I come across.


Unfortunately though, sometimes I don’t write down enough detail. This then causes me to ask what was I thinking when I wrote this down, because I have no idea of what it means or what it was in regard to.

For the majority of cases I do have enough detail. This then allows me to further explore the subject or to expand upon my thinking, and from that usually comes some new piece of insight, information or realisation.

Regardless of the outcome or the method needed to achieve it, there is always one similarity in how the end result comes about.

I never rush the process.

If the clarity will not come easily around what I am looking at or working on, I will never rush it.


I know the answer, the perspective, or the understanding will come as long as I give it time and space and I give my mind the rest it needs.

In the majority of cases if not all, when I give myself time and space it is not too long before the depth and breadth of information starts to expand as clarity of topic begins to develop.

So that is where I am at right now, in regard to why I haven’t been to forthcoming with a lot of information of late. I hope to have something more for you very soon.

Although if I don’t, then perhaps it is because I recall something that my father has said to me from a very young age:

“It is better to sit there with your mouth shut and have someone think you’re an idiot than to open it up and prove it.”

So hopefully in the not too distant future…

The Journey* Continues!

*The journey of me sending through information… not the one of me proving that I am an idiot.

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