Today Good, Tomorrow Better
October 9, 2016
Four Questions Answered By Two More
December 18, 2016
Today Good, Tomorrow Better
October 9, 2016
Four Questions Answered By Two More
December 18, 2016
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Stay Out In Front

Here are ten quick tips to help, maintain or gain some momentum in your day:

1. Tomorrow Starts Today
Organise tomorrow’s schedule, tasks or priorities as the last thing you do before signing off for today.

2. Sleep Patterns
Have a system that you follow each and every night that allows you to be relaxed before trying to get some well earned rest e.g Stretch, meditate, anything that relaxes your body and mind.

3. Habitual Awakening
Set the alarm early and only let it ring once. No reset, no lying into listen to the news or that song you love. Get up and get going! It will take some consistent discipline to get it done.

4. Start Early
If you have a lot on or then again, even if you haven’t, it is always better to start a little early and leave on time. Staying back is not always good for you, your family or for the message it sends to those around you.

5. Forget Time Management
Manage you and stay disciplined to your priorities! Regardless of how you prioritise and organise your time (calendar, post it notes, to do list etc) and how and where you use it, it will still come down to a simple act of discipline through a decision by you…”Do I do the things I said I would or am I going to do something else?”

6. One Thing At A Time And Do It Right The First Time
Stop trying to multi task (yeah I know sometimes you have to). In most cases you multitask for a myriad of reasons other than efficiency or productivity, but hey, we both know that is how you try and justify it. Give yourself the time space and resource to do it and do it right the first time. And if you cant? Then make do with what you have and get it done right. You will surprise yourself how resourceful you can be if it really matters.

7. Disruptions & Distractions
Some times stuff happens and you have no control over it (disruption) make sure you have a mindset and level of preparedness to be able to deal with that disruption no matter how frustrating it is. With distraction, minimise where possible. Retreat to another venue, switch off mobile, don’t go near technology for social media, be disciplined.

8. Talk First
Pick up the phone before the keyboard. Easier, faster, more effective, more personal and most of all, less likely to be misinterpreted.

9. Refuel
I know I have said this on many occasions previously and chances are I will continue to do so. You, like any other finely tuned machine require both down time and quality refuelling. Test and retest and find what works for you, how and why and make sure you do what you know you should.

10. Value Failure and Invest In Loss
I know it sounds a little negative but it isn’t. Take the time to understand what the ramifications are of failure on each and every level and put a series of plans in place to minimise the opportunity for failure. Also organise the chances for you to get better at dealing with problems along the way. Organise it so things get crazy, they don’t go as planned, roadblocks are fast and often.

Ten tips, and a few more of your own and make sure…

The Journey Continues!

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