Your Team-What Do You Want The World To Know
August 14, 2017
How To Remember Key Pieces Of Information
October 12, 2017
Your Team-What Do You Want The World To Know
August 14, 2017
How To Remember Key Pieces Of Information
October 12, 2017

So for this months blog post my dear wife Joanne suggested the idea of sharing with you some of the more pointed statements I have exchanged with my coaching clients over the past month. Obviously these statements that Joanne has selected were discussed for a particular reason or circumstance, however, I would hope that by reading them they cause you to contemplate how they might apply to you or your situation.

Think more deliberately about how you use your time. High-value activities V low-value activities.

Personal well-being is way more than physical. It is at its core, multidimensional:
i. Psychological
ii. Spiritual
iii. Relational
iv. Nutritional
v. Environmental

High-performance engines require high-performance fuel.

Your personal refuelling station, where is it and how often do you need to visit?

Also, consider:
i. When and why do you need to be fully fuelled?
ii. When is it ok to be half full?
iii. Be aware of what happens if you run out of fuel.

You can’t change what has happened but you can change what happens next.

In order to make sense of the world our brain develops and constructs rules that we strongly protect and usually without too much thought.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Progress through self-awareness (where am I and why) and conditional/situational understanding (what is needed, what is going on and why).

Effort magnifies talent and unifies teams.

You can generally gauge the level of trust within a team, relationship, or even an entire organisation by measuring the average time taken between identifying problems and actually discussing them.

In most organisations, the majority of people are reluctant to speak up when a colleague fails to fulfil their responsibilities or execute their role. Negative situations, bad news and problems are not like red wine. They don’t get better with age!

Trust in the workplace is like an apology to someone you care about: Both must be felt not just stated to have any influence.

Make sure the team or organisation are not over managed and under led.

Teamwork is not just about compatibility but more about how you work through incompatibility.

Be careful who you recruit into the team. Put a certain type of person into a team and you will end up having to manage the team through that one person.

Great leaders manage pressure, make progress, establish trust through connection and correction.

When it comes to your leadership of either an individual or a team, the Influences of the past will have a huge bearing on your ability to be able to influence them in the now.

Know yourself, know your team members, know your role and know what is required.

You don’t just need the skill, you need to have the knowledge and the understanding about/behind the skills.

Use these and other thoughts that may have been generated to ensure…

The Journey Continues!

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