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The Journey Continues
June 17, 2020
Understanding Is One Thing, But…
August 21, 2020
The Journey Continues
June 17, 2020
Understanding Is One Thing, But…
August 21, 2020

The little things over time become big things.

They can become the norm not always out of desire and in many cases, out of convenience, ease of use and forgetfulness.

Think about all the little things that in recent times have changed (Covid-19 influence perhaps aside for the moment).


-The last time you held a door open for someone you didn’t know?

-Went looking for an answer somewhere other than the internet?

-Gave a genuine smile to someone?

-Listened to music using quality headphones/speakers?

-Called or met with someone as opposed to text or email?

-Purchased and/or read a paper edition of a newspaper/magazine?

-Had a great laugh with someone?

-Read an actual book or recited poetry?

-Wrote a heartfelt letter?

-Purchased something using coins?

There are many more examples available, but the real understanding should be towards the little things that over time and for a reason, have departed from your everyday life.

Specificity becomes essential for this exercise.

Over the next few days take some time to contemplate what little changes have slowly crept into or out of your world.

Yes, progress is essential, and we will come through the difficult time that is Covid-19. However make sure the little things, the highly critical facets in your life don’t merely get left behind in the creation of the ‘new normal’, or the pursuit of progress or convenience.

Understand and fully utilise the fact that the little things become the big things and therefore those little things ensure that for all the right reasons and in all the right ways…

The Journey Continues!

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