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November 16, 2020
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Questions Of Self

As you continue your journey of life, there will be many times when you question what you are doing or why you are doing it. 

People, Situations and Opportunity: these things have an ability to influence — sometimes positively and unfortunately, sometimes negatively. When the perceived negatives are multiplied, there is a corresponding negative thinking that develops.

When this happens, ponder Question No 1:

What triggered you to think this was all too hard?

Sometimes you are in a position where you can walk away from these negative influences, whereas at other times you cannot. But rather than avoiding the negative influence, it is better to learn to deal with it; staying true to yourself and your ideals and not becoming distracted from what is important to you.

So here is Question No 2:

Are you strong enough to be in such close proximity to what you don’t want AND stay true to what you do want?

The quick answer may be, “No”, but the genuine answer and the one you want to find for yourself is, Yes”. You may have to search high and low, but you know deep down that you want this transformational change. It might be hard, it might test you; but hopefully you realise that it will be worth it.

One method you should use is:

Look for the actions, thinking and behaviours that you don’t want personally and look for where they are being displayed in others. Then think about how much you don’t want the same from yourself. 

And remember:

One little step back to old behaviour, old thinking or old actions makes it easier to keep doing it. And before long you are working against what you truly want.

As I said, it won’t necessarily be easy. And this is where my next tip really becomes important. Because the difference I am talking about is where most people come unstuck. What is this little tip? Plain and simple:

You need to do what it takes as opposed to just doing the things you think it should take.

But as you go through these tough times, when you are firmly entrenched in doing what it takes as opposed to what you think it should take, I want you to consider:

Question No 3:

What things can trigger you into thinking the old you are better than the new you?

You will need to search, to question and to ponder to understand what it is you are trying to get done — results, outcomes, destination (call it what you will) — but you have to know what it is you want. Why?

Because going through this exercise will bring clarity to what it actually is that you really want, as there is no sense chasing something you don’t really want. You will have passion, desire, commitment, but you will also need a purpose or a goal and not just an idea. 

Once you have worked out what you want, then it is time to go to the next step.

The next step?  Question No 4:

Do you have the energy, passion and perseverance to get this done?

But before you answer that question, I would like you to consider this:

Who you are fighting for and what you are fighting for is definitely worth it.

The Journey Continues!

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