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December 22, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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Frontline Audit – Silver Edition


Frontline Audit will ask the questions that will lead you in the first instance to realise where you are currently at as a leader, and then through a personal written report and one on one feedback call will guide you to where it is you should be as a person of influence. The changes that will eventuate from the information attained from this audit are visible and measurable



Do you really know the things about yourself that will allow you to change for the better? Are you prepared to analyse yourself, where you are at and why? These are challenging questions but ones which ultimately everyone will, at one stage or another in their life, have to ask and answer.

Why do you need to ask questions like this about yourself? Why do you need to put yourself under the microscope? Why do you need to challenge the status quo?

The simple answer is this. As good as you are, better is available.

The fact is that you can only change what you acknowledge. Sometimes, as hard as it is, the greatest gift we can provide for ourselves is the opportunity to become better. Becoming better won’t happen through circumstance or chance. The capacity for you to become better will happen through choice. Your choice!

“Bill Nelson provides practical strategies to grow your team by providing an environment of respect, purpose and integrity. It is obvious he not only cares about a winning outcome, but as a leader he also cares greatly about developing the people on his team!”

Mike Foti, President Leadership Builders
CEO-Cleveland Glass Block, Ohio, USA


The bottom line is the first line:

A person cannot become an effective leader without knowing who they really are, what they are about, what they stand for and what they are prepared to stand up against.

A good leader, an effective leader, is self-actuating and self-transforming.

Frontline Audit provides the opportunity to develop the facility for leadership through an invitation to self-discovery, self-analysis and self-truth. Therefore it also provides the opportunity for self-growth, self-belief, self-improvement and self-empowerment.

The underlying principles of leadership are openness and honesty as to one’s own nature, skill, experience and knowledge while continuously working towards becoming a better leader. The reality is that the development of leadership skills is a lifelong quest.

So the real question is ‘are you ready, are you prepared, are you willing to look in the leadership mirror and strive to improve what it is that you see?’

The attributes needed for effective leadership are constantly in demand. The unique aspect of effective leadership is that all of the required skills have to be consistently changed and improved. As the leader, the parent or the coach, you must want to improve the life, opportunities and success of others through your own ongoing development.

Frontline Audit will go a long way in helping your quest for ongoing improvement to become a reality. It is a proven and practical diagnostic tool for assessing leadership effectiveness, improving your ability to influence your team and increasing insight and understanding of your leadership potential.

It provides the processes to allow you to truly understand all aspects of your leadership. Its structure and purpose will help you to investigate and assess your leadership against the parameters which ultimately quantify and determine leadership effectiveness.


The qualities which determine good leadership are open to suggestion, opinion and debate. Frontline Audit is all about understanding your philosophy, approach and actions as a leader. In the process it will help define the real you.

It will lead you on a journey of leadership self discovery. It will aid in recognising and understanding why you do what you do. In the end it will allow you to confidently analyse your leadership and empathise with all that is before you.

Some of the areas that will be explored include:

  • How do you deal with adversity?
  • What methods do you use to grow those you lead?
  • How do you react when someone makes a mistake?
  • How do you project an air of confidence and clarity?
  • What are the boundaries of relationships with those you lead?
  • How do you respond when someone challenges your thinking?
  • How do you judge the levels of trust between yourself and those you lead?
  • Where and how do you bring value to those you lead?
  • Are you a good person to be around?

These questions have been carefully planned and constructed to evaluate and understand your real beliefs, approach and action when it comes to leadership.

“Bill Nelson was able to draw from his experience to provide examples and actions that we as a corporation can use to achieve the business plans and objectives we have chosen to focus on within the coming year.”

Maria Papadopoulos, Procter and Gamble


Frontline Audit provides the catalyst to outline and detail all areas associated with your leadership. It’s not about changing your personality, identity or individuality. Undoubtedly the common ingredient between all great leaders is the ability to be themselves and for those they lead to be able to see confidence and competence in their leader.

Frontline Audit asks the questions for you to:

  • Recognise and understand your leadership philosophy
  • Analyse the influences behind how you react and respond
  • Uncover how you make people feel about themselves
  • Define why someone would follow your lead
  • Realise where your confidence comes from and why
  • Develop an amazing future for those you lead and get them excited about that future
  • Determine how you develop commitment
  • Ascertain how to get people to take responsibility
  • Discover that leadership is about you as a person and not about the position you hold
  • Acknowledge how you create clarity through vision and purpose
  • Create space and opportunity to allow those you lead to become more than they ever thought possible

At the completion of the Frontline Audit these and other relevant situations in regard to your leadership will be identified, analysed and therefore understood. It will allow you to begin the journey towards elevated levels of enjoyment and effectiveness.

If leadership is about the person you are, as opposed to the position you hold, then the Frontline Audit will provide the accelerant needed to develop your true leadership potential.

“Bill Nelson has been for me what the sherpa Tenzing Norgay was to Sir Edmund Hillary. While I’m yet to conquer the heights of Mount Everest I am well on the way thanks to Bill’s coaching efforts.”

Dennis Price, Owner- Bribie Island Beachside Property
Bribie Island, Queensland


Frontline Audit is available as an e-book in PDF (Portable Document Format). The e-book has been professionally designed to provide flow and consistency as you work your way to successfully evaluating your leadership.

The e-book is delivered directly to you or the email address of your choice via the internet. Once your payment has been cleared (depending on how you make your payment) you will either be taken to a download page where you will be able to very simply download the e-book or alternatively we will email the e-book to you.

There are a number of different ways you can pay for the product of your choice.

  1. Credit card via PayPal
  2. Credit card by calling our office (+61-2-4942-4987)
  3. By mailing us a cheque

The quickest method for you to receive your copy of Frontline Audit will be to use the online credit card system through PayPal or by calling the office. The slowest is paying by cheque as we require the cheque to clear before you can access the product.

All payments are in US Dollars. When you receive your credit card statement it will outline the converted charge in your currency. When using PayPal, payment is automatically converted to your desired currency and there is no need to hold a balance in another currency to send a payment. However if you would like to know the converted amount prior to your purchase you can do this by visiting this currency converter site We have selected US dollars so that as much as possible the price is the same for all of our customers.

As this product is an e-book and formatted as a PDF file it will be compatible and easily opened and printed from either a Mac or PC. To view PDF documents you will need to have Adobe Acrobat or a PDF reader installed on your computer. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from Adobe’s website and the software is available for both Mac and PC.

Our guarantee is straightforward. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, please let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we will immediately and happily refund your money, no questions asked. However, we would appreciate it if you could provide some feedback as to why you weren’t satisfied as it will allow us to rectify that particular problem so it doesn’t happen again. (N.B. under no circumstances will we try to dispute your reason).

Every aspect of the product, computer compatibility and the purchase and delivery systems has been tested in every possible way. However, as you know sometimes things go wrong and if this proves to be the case, please call or email us and we will rectify the situation. Please remember though if you are phoning us we are based in Australia so please take into consideration the time difference or alternatively you can email us. We are very prompt and pride ourselves on the speed of our email replies. If there is any other

If there is any other information in regard to Frontline Audit that we can help you with, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Office contact number: +61-2-49424987
Email address:


Frontline Audit was written with a specific agenda in mind. It provides a comprehensive program that not only encourages and supports you to evaluate your leadership, how it functions and why, but also provides feedback and follow up that will allow you to understand and improve your leadership. However for this to happen and for you to get the full benefit, we would like to provide three further steps with our compliments.

1. The Decision Maker E-book

The fact is that we all operate from a different perspective in our decision making. Undoubtedly, we depend upon a wide a variety of considerations, insight, pressures, knowledge, understanding and information to aid us in the decisions that we are required to make. As much as we would like to, the reality is that one cannot use the same style or method of decision making every day. The need for diversity of approach changes moment-to-moment, situation-to-situation and decision-to-decision.

Through this E-book, Bill Nelson outlines, explains and provides a number of different considerations and specific information about the process of decision-making.

Format: PDF

2. Written Report

Once you have completed the Frontline Audit the next step will be for us to provide you with a written overview and evaluation from the information you have provided. This initial report is personally created for you and includes insightful feedback and assessment specifically orientated to inform and educate with relevance to your leadership.

Format: PDF

3. Feedback Call

The third step in the Frontline Audit Program is a 30 minute feedback call with the Success Architect Bill Nelson. This call, at a mutually convenient time, will be orientated around Bill’s specific evaluation and analysis of your leadership through the information you provide by working through the Frontline Audit.

This feedback will provide you with a clear path as to what changes will need to be made and how you might prioritise these changes. Bill will also help you understand yourself and what you should expect as you make the changes necessary to take your level of leadership performance and productivity above and beyond their current situation.

At the completion of the call Bill will email you a written overview of your session as well as a recording of the call.

4. TPC Leadership Resource Library

The Total Performance Concepts Leadership Resource Library is an opportunity for you to be introduced to some of the specific strategies, concepts and ideas that Bill Nelson has personally used to help leaders in sport, business and education to develop and increase their leadership experience, understanding and performance. Each subject is presented in a bite size chunk of informative, relevant and usable information.

Articles and Whitepapers:

  • Do Yo Make Their Day Better
  • How Do You Judge You Effectiveness
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Some People See Some People Do
  • It Does Matter
  • Qualities of Character
  • Step Up To The Plate
  • Integrity
  • What You Get From What You Give
  • Why Would You LIsten To You

Format: PDF

Audio Files:

  • Effective Leadership Development
  • How Far Do You Go
  • How Do You Judge Your Effectiveness As A Leader
  • Problem Solver
  • The Leadership Hats
  • Key Ingredients To Becoming A Better Leader
  • It Does Matter
  • When Things Slow Down
  • Ignite The Passion
  • Better Leader, Better Team

Format: Downloadable mp3 Audio file

Coaching Program Papers:

  • Coaching/Teaching /Leading
  • Five Steps To Habitual Change
  • Key Concepts For Successful Training Sessions
  • Ladder of Success
  • Things I See As Important To A Leader
  • What Is Leadership
  • When Things Slow Down
  • Leading To An Outcome
  • Why Is Performance Not Happening
  • The Values Of An Organisation

Format: PDF

The content of each piece of information will provide you with a simple yet highly practical leadership insight that you will be able to readily and effectively apply to any leadership situation.

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