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Experience tells us that you always remember what you can relate to. This is why a presentation, workshop or keynote address by Bill Nelson is a memorable experience. His enthusiasm, humour and infectious personality make for a fantastic learning experience and thought-provoking opportunity for all present.

In the past Bill has inspired, enthralled and informed thousands of people across four continents and 15 countries. He continues to entertain, educate and motivate his audience through his dynamic approach.

Bill extracts a diversity of human emotions from his audience through his down to earth yet inspirational delivery and content. His philosophies and expertise come from his broad career experience and are all firmly grounded in reality.

Almost 30 years as a professional coach has given Bill a unique perspective and understanding on what it takes to be consistently motivated, disciplined and focused towards your desired outcomes. It is this perspective that he openly shares with his audience.

  • "Bill gave us a rare insight into the qualities and dynamics that lead to individual and team success."
    Greg Basford
  • "There are a lot of people that talk about teamwork from a textbook perspective. Bill Nelson’s experience with motivating people, his absolute passion for what he does and belief that anyone can achieve their goals was simply inspiring. Bill’s story would translate in any group or even individuals who won’t suffer from being reminded that determination attitude and positive outlook will see them attain their dream."
    Andrew Grill - National Manager, Business Development
    Telstra Business Solutions Marketing
  • "The commitment Nelson helps bring out was ‘at zero in the Sydney Kings’ when he arrived “Bill’s been tremendous there, like the coach’s coach….he helped set up our code of behaviour."
    Brian Goorjian
    Former Head Men’s Coach - Basketball Australia, Former Head Coach Sydney Kings
  • "Excellent. Bill really hit the mark with his presentation. We asked Bill to speak about partnerships and how reliant we are on each other for success.  He was able to draw on his vast experience from the elite sporting world and apply his learning’s to the business world. The feedback from 100 sales people was extremely positive and he was able to keep them focused for nearly 1 hour. His presentation was inspiring and motivational - exactly what we were looking for."
    David Healy - General Manager
  • "I would like to take this opportunity to say that you have given me the direction to enable me to grow my business, people and most of all personally assisted me in the game of life. Bill, your weekly direction over this year has given me the ability to tackle all the challenges ahead on my own."
    Peter Schenck
    Ray White Blackburn
  • "...sincerely thank you for your presentation... Your presentation ‘hit the mark’ with the team and left everyone with some key messages they could take away and embed into their business life. Messages such as ‘responsibilities rest with everyone’, ‘play for something greater than yourself’, and ‘none of you will be as good as all of you’ are all very pertinent to our everyday lives. Your anecdote... was inspiring and left everyone with a message that it is often those least expected who can have immense impacts on the success of the entire team."
    Chris Jansen - Head of Business Operations
    AMP Corporate National
  • "Bill Nelson was great, extremely positive feedback from group – tailored the presentation to our needs, energetic and engaging."
    Laura Pannaci
  • "Excellent! Bill delivered the content and style that I expected from him. He relayed the message to the group of the value in working together towards a common goal. His style was relaxed and he got to the level of our Dealers which they appreciated. Well done!"
    Philip Wells
  • "Thank you for kick starting the year off on such an enthusiastic and motivating note. Your inspirational presentation captivated the 100 plus audience at the breakfast. Your relaxed style, absolute passion and entertaining life experiences, left guests with a wonderful insight into the value of teamwork, self belief and ‘doing what is right’. It is positive motivating presentation like yours that enables people to tackle the challenges of not only the day to day running of a business, but the day to day business of living, with a fresh approach and a new attitude."
    Christine Watton
    Lake Macquarie Council
  • "Bill Nelson has his own unique way of being able to express lessons learnt in sport at the highest level and how these specifically relate to business in this day and age. His back to basics philosophy and focus on the ‘performance’ not the ‘outcome’ really sum up how business can often forget what are the important things that make a big difference to the customer. His talk at the Rovert “New Technology Show” certainly inspired many of our customers to analyse their current business focus as well as providing Rovert management and staff with some reassessing of our own."
    Peter Bull, Managing Director
    Rovert Lighting
  • Our chairman, Clive Weeks, and our office manager, Michael Brouwer also wish to pass on their thanks and appreciation. They too, were extremely pleased with your presentation and the contribution you made to our strategy launch. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for future events and should we require a speaker again, I’ll be sure to get in touch.
    Mandy Cooper
  • Our team found the workshop extremely valuable and insightful, in fact the motivation within the team has improved already. I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from staff, all of which are eager to put the principles into practice. I have never seen our team come together and bond as a group like it did at the workshop. Bill and Joanne were able to encourage those who would not normally speak, to stand up in front of the group and voice their opinion.
    Felicity McKnight
    State Water Corporation