The Intersections Of Success
October 14, 2019
Will The Next Sixteen Days Make A Difference
December 14, 2019
The Intersections Of Success
October 14, 2019
Will The Next Sixteen Days Make A Difference
December 14, 2019

Personal baggage. We’ve all got it, and unfortunately for some they carry way more than others and that becomes a huge burden to carry.

The actuality of personal baggage is that it can weigh a lot and continually having to carry that weight will eventually take its toll.

So before we go too far, let’s consider this…

Before we take on that personal baggage we will need something to store it in, we need our own personal baggage backpack.

So now the questions have to be asked…

1. The backpack you utilise to carry around your personal baggage, where did that come from? Does someone give it to you, or is it something you go and source for yourself?

2. How old were you when the personal baggage backpack became required equipment?

3. If you didn’t have the backpack, would you still develop or inherit personal baggage?

There are two ways we take on personal baggage. a. We create it ourselves or b. The world sends it our way.

And either version as I stated above can carry significant weight.

If you would be so kind as to indulge me, please take a minute to identify one specific area of your own personal baggage. Once you have done that, then assign that one area a perceived weight. e.g. unresolved tensions with a family member = 11lbs/5kgs.

I understand it is just a hypothetical weight, but weight it is and one that is important for the sake of this exercise.

So, how would you feel if I asked you to each and everyday carry around the equivalent to your personal baggage weight of 11lbs/5kgs in dumb-bells strapped to your body?


However, that is only one component of personal baggage. Consider what the lifting becomes as you add together all of the weight representing every piece of your personal baggage!

Ultimately it is our decision if we take on personal baggage, stuff it in our backpack, lug it around for who knows how long. Each minute, hour and day carrying around a burden that is weighing us down and one that we don’t have to endure if we decide to do something about it.

Understand that there is an alternative in lugging around the burden that is personal baggage. Simply reject the need for a personal baggage backpack. Therefore in doing so, decide you are not going to take on any burden whether it be today or tomorrow.

The alternative approach to personal baggage is all about dealing with things here and now.

Resolution may not always be complete nor easy. However, you will still be far better off than what you ever will be with carrying around unresolved emotional issues, anguish, tensions and stresses.

These elements of personal baggage may be either physical or psychological or both. Either way, carrying them around rather than dealing with them will put you in a state of constant upheaval.

So dump the personal baggage backpack. Reject the notion of having to take on personal baggage. Make the commitment to deal with issues as they occur and as needed and in doing so make sure that in all the right ways and for all the right reasons you are doing all you can to ensure…

The Journey Continues!

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