How To Remember Key Pieces Of Information
October 12, 2017
Validation of Self
December 14, 2017
How To Remember Key Pieces Of Information
October 12, 2017
Validation of Self
December 14, 2017
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Motivation-How to get it wrong

When it comes to finding motivation, I continue to see people taking a lot of different approaches. The insights you get from social media allow you to understand the search and need for that certain feeling of motivation. But for what end game, and is there a better way?

Is the search for consistent motivation where the time and effort should be focussed?

Let me start with this: If you had a car and you realised that everyday you had to go to the service station and fill the fuel/gas tank, how many times would you do that before you started looking for the reason as to why you have to continually refill the tank?

Is there a leak in my fuel tank? Is the engine out of tune? Am I using the right fuel for my engine?

All very real and relevant questions and especially when you consider the circumstance of having to refill every other day.

Therefore I can’t help but see a similar situation when we consider the need to continually look for motivation.

If there is a need to motivate yourself everyday perhaps it is time to start looking for what is reducing and or removing that motivation, and then do want is needed to resolve that problem.

Here is another point for you to consider…”If you are aiming to be ‘up’ all day, everyday then ‘up’ doesn’t stay ‘up’ for long it simply becomes the norm.”

Which now leads me to ask you this: Do you really need to be motivated?

I don’t mean in overarching general terms, but in the way where you are actively looking for and utilising ways to inspire, excite and motivate. Surely there are situations even challenging ones that don’t require you to be motivated? Maybe there are times where you just need to get on with it. You know what needs to be done, you know how to do it and you understand the reason why, well then don’t over think, prepare or procrastinate just take action and get it done!

The reality of life allows us to understand that in some situations no matter how much you try you will never be motivated to attempt certain things. You can look at it anyway you like but there just isn’t anything about what needs to be done that will float your boat.

Which leaves us with one of two decisions:

  1. Go and motivate yourself in another way and then bring that energy and motivation back to the table and use it to do the job or task at hand.
  2. Just get into what needs to be done, but once you have and the task is successfully completed, then take a moment to look back and understand what just went down and how and then be motivated by your actions and accomplishments.

The best form of motivation, the form that lasts, the one that will have you itching to go will come from within, is the type of motivation that is intrinsic. It is the form of motivation that is organic. It is not manufactured. It doesn’t come from manufactured talk or psycho babble. It’s the type of motivation that speeches, quotes, and books can only ever hope to generate.

There are many reasons and influences that help us get into a mindset, rhythm, energy, understanding and purpose that influence the creation of organic motivation. The more true organic motivation you can develop and utilise the more reason you will find to keep the production going.

Each step bringing with it a better understanding of self and of our real motivational needs. When we have a true level of self understanding and awareness we know where we need to be and how to get there so we can get after what sits in front of us.

Pride, purpose, vision, hunger, will all go along way in helping create organic motivation.

The point of where we need to be to be motivated isn’t fixed. It is fluid, it is dynamic, and it changes in many different ways and for all sorts of reasons. But as you continue to discover the need and then develop the organic motivation needed you hopefully start to develop and realise that you are becoming your own form of inspiration. And as you do please understand that you are going along way in ensuring that for all the right reasons and in all the right ways…

The Journey Continues!

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