Do It and Do It Right – A Practical Insight
August 14, 2015
Just Because You Can
October 19, 2015
Do It and Do It Right – A Practical Insight
August 14, 2015
Just Because You Can
October 19, 2015
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Finish Strong

With four months to go in 2015, it is time to make sure the momentum not only continues but increases. And if things are a little behind schedule or projections, then time to get them going again.

“No athlete should ever finish a big event on a fade”.

And when it comes to 2015 neither should you!

A few quick tips:

1. Sense Of Belonging
You need to be able to see yourself on the big stage, making the big moves and getting to key results. Not just through hope or visualisation, but through planning and understanding.

2. Awareness And Focus
Know what is going on in the marketplace, with the opposition or the competition but with that insight and understanding focus on yourself and what you are doing, why and how.

3. Read The Signs
Without jumping at shadows, take in the signs and understand what they mean. Gut feel is a priceless commodity and should not be ignored.

4. The Next Step
Confidence comes from demonstrated ability. Use the past to allow you the confidence to take the next step.

5. Just Do What Others Have Done
I hear this often, for me it’s bad advice. Understand what others have done, but then don’t just repeat that. Break it down, understand it and then rebuild it in a way that has relevance to you, your approach/style, situation, needs and desires.

6. Situations Are Different And So Are People
Spending time attempting to gain perspective through comparison will probably not serve you that well. So don’t. Each situation is unique, as are you and how you do what you do. And that is fantastic, use it to your advantage.

7. There Is A Price To Pay
There are no credit cards in the pursuit of success. You can’t buy now and pay later. You will have to pay the price up front and in most cases, that price is considerable.  Make sure that“After the price is forgotten the quality still remains”.

8. There Will Be Tough Times
Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Understand that all will not go the way you want. Take your time to understand the problem, use your experience and skill or utilise someone else’s to overcome the problem or obstacle.

9. Don’t Let The End Result Hold You Back
As much as the end result or outcome can motivate you, it can scare the daylights out of you as well. Understand the outcome but come back to the process and as I said above, simply focus on what comes next.

10. Opinions
You have yours and I have mine. And no doubt, others will have theirs of you and what you are doing. Leave them to it and just get on with what you are doing.

And above all else do what you can to ensure…

The Journey Continues!

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