April 10, 2015
Forever Grateful and Thankful
June 8, 2015
April 10, 2015
Forever Grateful and Thankful
June 8, 2015
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Heads Up Magoo

How open are you to taking in new insights, new information or a different perspective?

By now I imagine there is a nodding of the head in agreement and quiet “yes” to yourself. But here is the kicker, ask yourself those same questions when it comes to information about things that are not that important to you right now? Perspectives, insights and information that doesn’t help you directly right at a certain moment in time. Are you still open minded enough to take a minute to understand and comprehend?

Or is your only real learning taking place when you need it or when a certain situation or subject calls for more research or a better understanding?

No doubt we can all be, I was going to say ‘good’, but perhaps I should say ‘better’ when it comes to the need to learn. But what about when the opportunity is there but there is no need? Then what are we like?

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is fantastic that you, me and anyone else for that matter have an aptitude and an attitude to learn when its time or when its needed.

However, its at the other times that I think we need to consider.

Each of us in our own way are extremely busy, each of us in our own way are good at what we do, each of us in our own way are doing what we can to get through each day as successfully and efficiently as we possibly can.

But does this help us or hinder us in our ability to learn?

We are sometimes that focussed on completing our to-do list, in getting through what is sitting right in front of us, accomplishing that task that has been bugging us for ages. Time well spent? Most definitely. And time that not only demands our focus, but is well worthy of it.

But here is another question to consider…through all of this focus, diligence and discipline are you missing opportunities to learn?

Through our own prejudices, past experiences and influences, are we restricting our opportunities to be exposed to new ideas, perspectives and learning.

Through our own self generated time management (although you can’t manage time you can only manage what you do with your time) are we restricting our ability to be aware to new and different thinking, approaches and ideas?

I am not saying don’t be focussed, disciplined or committed to what is important so that you can learn more. What I am saying is as you have your eye on the prize, have your ear to the ground.

Have your radar on high alert but not to the point of distraction. So that the ever increasing opportunities to learn or understand are not missed because you are simply so focussed on what is in front of you, nothing else matters. Of course there will be times when there should be only one single focus for you. However the reality is that these single focus moments don’t even take up 50% of any given day.

The other 50% or as I imagine a lot more, are wonderful opportunities to engage in the new, the different and the unknown. Whenever and wherever possible allow yourself to take full advantage of the situations and possibilities.

As we know there are many different routes to take us to where we  want to go.  Some will be the ones that work for us and some will be ones that don’t suit our style, need or specific situation. However don’t let any of this be the reason that your learning is any way or for any reason restricted.

Learning, in whatever form you want it, is to some extent available to us each and everyday. We just need to make sure we have our peripheral vision is on full alert so that as we are busy that we don’t miss the opportunity to be better and in the process making sure…

The Journey Continues!

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