What Haven’t I Been Doing and Why?
August 21, 2012
Happy New Year
January 1, 2013
What Haven’t I Been Doing and Why?
August 21, 2012
Happy New Year
January 1, 2013
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Grumpy Old Man

Man it is a weird time when you realise you are starting to say things about the world that sound just like your parents did 30 years ago.

And of recent times, I hear myself waffling on about things just like my Dad did.

Weird, weird realisation.

Basically I think I have become a Grumpy Old Man.

Grumpy Old Man

There are things I see on a day to day basis that drive me nuts. And to be honest, I am not sure if they haven’t always driven me nuts but now I just see the need to be more aware of it, and to a large degree less patient about them and then whinge and complain about it.

Which I suppose I am doing now.

(10 mins later)

Well for the last 10 mins I sat and pondered… am I just once again venting or is this worthy of posting on the Blog. Well obviously I went with the post but if you think I have lost my mind and I need to get a life please don’t be hesitate to post a comment to tell me so.

Where as on the other hand, if there are elements of a modern society that are irritating the daylights out of you please feel free to put them up as well.

So here we go, the insights of a Grumpy Old Man:

Outside lane
i. Sitting in the outside lane
It’s OK if you are the pacesetter. But when you sit in the outside lane doing 20 klms/mph less than the speed limit, it is not OK.
ii. Out of control children
As I said earlier, maybe its just me but I feel regardless of wether its at the mall, in the park, on the cycling trails kids keep running into me which is fine as they are just kids. But what gets me is when parents can see what is about to happen and don’t stop it or they see what has happened and never say a word to their kids. Therefore teaching them that this is acceptable behaviour.
iii. Reality TV
If what they show in TV is life then I don’t know maybe I missed the bus. No-one and I mean no-one I know (And hey I know some people) live their life like what is portrayed on these shows. And then I have to watch, hear or see teenagers talking about it with some level of admiration.

iv.Texting whilst you are driving
Surely its not that important that you are prepared to endanger your life to answer a text? Ok maybe you are but if that is that case maybe you might consider not endangering mine in the process.
v. Be aware of others around you
For all sorts of reasons, mostly unbeknown to me, people just seem to be only interested/focussed/understanding of their own needs and in the process oblivious to the needs of others. Just simple things like standing in the hall and blocking people from getting by. Not holding the door open for anyone else.
vi. The dead fish hand shake
Now I know the death grip handshake is no bundle of fun either, but gee when you shake someones hand put some effort into it. Look them in the eyes and offer some type of heartfelt greeting.
vii. Using your mobile/cell phone at inappropriate times
Any time anyone else has no choice but to hear to your conversation then it is inappropriate. If you are standing in line tell them you will call them back. In a elevator wait two minutes and call back. When you are in the middle of a conversation, what the call is more important? How to win friends and influence people!

Be on time
viii. Be on time
Show respect for yourself and for the other parties involved. Get a watch and use it.
ix. Two go in one comes out
How does it happen? How do you put a pair of socks into the washing and then when you go to put your clean clothes away there is only one sock! I do the laundry so I know what goes into the machine but somewhere between me putting them into the machine and getting my clothes back someone continues to steal my sock! Yes singular a sock, not the pair, only one…WHY????
Anyway thats my rant I better let it go so that….
The Journey Continues!

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