Five Ways To Improve Your Productivity

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April 18, 2023
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June 18, 2023
Building Trust
April 18, 2023
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June 18, 2023
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Five Ways To Improve Your Productivity

It seems, in this day and age, that one of our most rare commodities is time. We never seem to have enough of it. We are always looking for ways to prioritise better, check how we use our time, and ways to increase our efficiency and effectiveness constantly. Then, on top of all of this, we are always looking at how we can improve our productivity so we can do more!
Like anything, I believe there are individual factors that influence our own personal productivity and efficiency. Under the guise of ‘General Hints’, here are a few ideas that might help you increase your productivity.

1. Energy Cycles
Basically, you know when you will be at your best. Organise this time to do the things that require your full attention, effort and focus. It never ceases to amaze me that people try and do things after lunch… first, you are dealing with a full stomach. You’re fighting off the afternoon tiredness/slump. Usually, at lunch, you have conversations about everything other than the job, so you come back somewhat distracted etc.

Now, rather than me continuing to try and provide examples, I think you know the approach and situations I am alluding to. Don’t fall into this trap. Know yourself, and know your energy cycles. Know what you must do to bring them all together and watch the productivity soar.

2. Effort v Rest
After being a professional coach for 40 years, I realise that the level of effort you are able to put in will be heavily influenced by the rest you get. When I hear people say they haven’t had a holiday in 7 years, I can’t help but think ‘Why?’.

Your body, mind and soul need a break on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Yes, I know you can keep going like the Energizer Bunny, but slowly your productivity and quality of approach will slide.

Take your breaks where needed and look after yourself so you are in the best position to do the right thing for yourself and for those around you.

3. Ikea
I don’t know how many people (usually men, myself included) come home with flat-pack furniture, open it up, and the first thing they see and throw away. The Instructions.

Two hours later, tools flying around the room, voices raised, and blood pressure going through the roof, and this simple 30-minute job is no more advanced than when it was started.

Read the instructions, or at least create a game plan. Make sure, regardless of what you are doing. You have an idea of how you are going to approach it and why. It doesn’t need to be big. It doesn’t need to be intricate. Just have an outline of how you are going to proceed and in what order.

4. Boy Scout it
Be prepared. As I outlined above, have your plan ready, have your resources organised, and have your workspace in order. Basically, have everything in place before you start. Look upon yourself like a surgeon. When you walk into the operating theatre, there is the patient, the surgical tools (all 300 of them) support staff, and effective lighting. It is all there so you can do what you do when and how you need to do it.

Get things organised in advance, have it all ready to go, walk in and watch your productivity reach all-time highs.

5. F1
High-performance engines require high-performance fuels. Pretty sure the Formula 1 driver doesn’t go down to the local Petrol/gas station and fill up on unleaded. They need that engine operating at peak capacity for the entirety of the race.

Your situation might be different, however, the approach needs to be the same. Keep your productivity going by making sure you are well-fed and hydrated. Understand a little about nutrition so that you eat the right sort of foods that will give you the energy and fuel you need to get things done.

And as you do watch as…

The Journey Continues!

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