Our Motives Of Life
May 16, 2021
Where Do You Spend Your Time
July 16, 2021
Our Motives Of Life
May 16, 2021
Where Do You Spend Your Time
July 16, 2021

Tomorrow will be the same (in some respects) as today and yesterday and last Wednesday and probably any other day you wish to name: same food, same conversations, same places you visit, same expectations, same people and interactions, same outcomes.

But in another way, tomorrow could differ completely from today or yesterday or last Wednesday.

What is the key ingredient to creating this difference?


What tomorrow will bring that makes it different to any other day comes down to the choice you will make when you wake tomorrow morning: the decision as regards which single direction you will take from the two choices that you have available.

Tomorrow you will either decide to be a passenger or a driver in your life.

Tomorrow will bring with it certain levels of expectation. Those expectations will be directed at you, what you do and how you do it—probably no different from any other day in your life.

Think back. In the past (and even now) expectations have come, and will no doubt continue to come, from many situations and people:

School teachers
Sports coaches

As a passenger, you accept these levels of expectation and do what you can to fulfil them.

As a driver, these levels of expectation are nothing compared to what you expect of yourself.

Now I don’t mean you are one of those people who just beats him/herself up for the sake of doing so—someone who continues to push the boundaries and never takes the time to enjoy the victories they achieve; someone who pursues a certain level of expectation so that they can sit on the pedestal high above all of those around them.

However, when I describe you as a driver I see you as someone who does what they can every day to take themselves, and indirectly those around them, to new levels of achievement and success—someone who does not inherit someone else’s definition of success; someone who continues to set their own definition, their own boundaries, and their own level of expectation.

It is this type of attitude that will have you driving your own life forward, as opposed to being at the receiving end of what anyone else expects or what life throws your way.

You continue to wake every day and set a course for today’s events. Not by being so organised and structured that you cannot witness the spontaneity that the day will bring; but by having a plan and attitude and a desire to make sure that by day’s end you have done what you can to get the most out of the day and, more importantly, the most out of yourself.

However high the level of expectation that others set around you, it is below what you expect of yourself. You welcome the opportunity, the challenges, the prospects that the day will bring.

And in the end, there is no fear of failure. Why? Because now you cannot really fail. Hopefully, there will always be a tomorrow, and tomorrow will bring with it the opportunity for you to have another go at the things you didn’t get quite right today.

A passenger or a driver? The decision is yours.

The Journey Continues!

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