Don’t say you can’t, Until you try!

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December 13, 2011
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April 4, 2012
Developing Talent
December 13, 2011
Time To Let Go
April 4, 2012
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Don’t say you can’t, Until you try!

When I was a child (and maybe a little beyond that) there were obviously things that I did that upset my parents. Not that I think I did anything too naughty, however there was one thing that although I didn’t do often, but when I did, my father would lose his mind.

That one thing was…

When I would say “I can’t do it”

My fathers response was always the same. “Don’t say can’t, until you try”.

The words of Ernest James Nelson have been ringing in my ears on occasion over the last few weeks. Not because of anything I had done. But because of what others were not prepared to do.

Airline companies telling me they can’t do something. My response?

“Don’t say can’t, until you try.”

Last week Joanne and I had an unscheduled overnight stay in Melbourne (see airlines above) which normally, although slightly inconvenient, was no big deal.

However, this situation was a little different.

You see, the following day Joanne had a 1.30pm specialist appointment so it was imperative that she was back in Newcastle for that. As it turned out with unscheduled overnight stay, changed flights, having to get Jae to drive to Sydney to pick us up to then drive us straight back to Newcastle, time was never going to be on our side.

Therefore circumstance dictates we go to Plan B.

Joanne calls the specialist to ask is it possible to change her appointment.

No chance within a reasonable timeframe.

And understandably so.

Joanne had to book her appointment six weeks in advance, but none the less, still worth a try.

As things began to unfold we were an hour late leaving Melbourne, we are then late arriving into Sydney. To make matters worse, upon our arrival, the aero-bridge wouldn’t work to allow us to get off the plane.

Time is now well and truly running against us.

As Jae picked us up at the front of the terminal and we start our road trip back to Newcastle we realise the chances are Joanne, at best will be 15 mins late for her scheduled 1.30pm appointment.

Time for Plan C

Joanne calls the specialist again and asks would it be possible to contact the 1.45pm appointment and see if they could or would be prepared to change their appointment and come in at 1.30pm as opposed to 1.45pm and therefore Joanne would not be late and through their kindness would not inconvenience anyone.

Simple answer was. NO.

Not…. “I cant guarantee anything, but I will give them a call and see what they say.”

The answer was just no.

My ears were ringing with the words of my father.

“Don’t say can’t, until you try.”

Now this posting isn’t about airlines, nor is it about specialist appointments.

This is about attitude.

And my point is simply to say to you that the next time you are in a position where someone asks you for help or you are in a position to help yourself, please consider the words of Ernie Nelson…

“Don’t say can’t, until you try.”

87 Dream Team

The Journey Continues!

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