Don’t Forget The Important Stuff

May 15, 2022
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Don’t Forget The Important Stuff

You have almost six months of 2022 under your belt.

Where are you?

How do you feel?

Are things going the way you thought/planned/hoped?

Maybe I am a few weeks/months late with this, but nonetheless, here we go. Things you should make sure you don’t forget as you strive to reach your potential in 2022.

It’s by no means a complete list, just a little reminder. But hopefully, also prompt you to think about some other things you shouldn’t forget in 2022.

1. Failure Is Part Of The Pursuit Of Success
The only way you will not stumble at some stage in pursuing your definition of success is if you are not extending yourself enough. It doesn’t matter how much you plan or strategise. It doesn’t matter how skilled or experienced you are. It doesn’t matter how disciplined or committed your approach is.

Somewhere in the journey, and probably when you least expect it. Bam. Things* will be turned on their head.

*Things = Plan, belief, momentum, tactics, direction, process.

But this will happen, and more importantly, it’s OK.

Understand, learn, reposition yourself and your approach and off you go again. You are simply better educated and more skilled for the experience.

2. Fun Isn’t A Goal
I don’t know how often I have to pull individuals up on this one. Fun isn’t a goal. Fun is a by-product and consequence of pursuing meaningful, purposeful, and necessary plans, thinking and actions.

And even then, sometimes the process isn’t a whole lot of fun. But hopefully, the learning and the accomplishment will be.

3. Indecision Is The Theft Of Opportunity
Question, learn, probe, understand. Do whatever you have to do to ensure that the momentum of 2022 isn’t stifled by your lack of ability/knowledge/desire/preparedness to make decisions.

As the headline states, the more you sit in a state of inertia, the greater the chance you will miss any number or type of opportunity.

4. Just Because You Don’t Like To Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Do It
Call it discipline, commitment, focus, and determination. Call it whatever fits your need. But understand that the chances are that somewhere in the pursuit of YOUR definition of success, you will have to do things that you absolutely detest.

As long as it isn’t unethical, causes harm to you or anyone else, will not get you into hot water and doesn’t bring someone else’s dreams, hopes or career to a screaming halt. Get over your selectivity and get on with it.

5. Don’t Make Decisions At The Highest Point Of Emotion Or The Lowest Point Of Motivation.
Believe me when I say to you that if you do, the chances are that you will regret it.

Look, I don’t want you to live in a world where your emotions are continuously averaged. I do want you to be happy and excited, and without wishing you unnecessary pain, I also believe it is essential that you experience the other end of the emotional scale.

It’s just that I don’t want you to make decisions when you are at the two extremes of the emotional scale.

Remember these five points and a few more and make sure that in all the right ways and for all the right reasons.

The Journey Continues!

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