Its Not What You Say…
July 15, 2022
Building Self-Confidence from The Ground Up
September 14, 2022
Its Not What You Say…
July 15, 2022
Building Self-Confidence from The Ground Up
September 14, 2022
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Don’t Forget The Important Stuff-Part 2

So as you might remember, in my post in June of this year, we started looking at ‘Don’t Forget The Important Stuff’.

But what is the critical stuff?

An excellent question, but one that only you can answer. However, I did try and help you recognise some of the important stuff by putting the following suggestions forward:

i. Failure is part of the pursuit of success

ii. Fun isn’t a goal

iii. Indecision is the theft of opportunity

iv. Just because you don’t like to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it

v. Don’t make decisions at the highest point of emotion or the lowest point of motivation

But, to help keep the ball rolling and to appease a number of you who emailed me to say can I add a few more ideas to the list, here are a couple more areas You Don’t Want To Forget:

6. Knowledge-Intellect-Action
Hopefully, through your education, both formal and informal, there is stuff you know. Fantastic. But for me, that is only the start. Knowing stuff is good but basically useless unless you know how to apply it. That is where the intellect comes in. You know it, and you know how to use it. Once again, fantastic.
But if you don’t actually do anything with what you know, then once again, knowledge and intellect are useless.
So in the future, Know your stuff, know how to use it and ensure you do.

7. Learn from your mistakes
What does this do to your learning opportunities if you never make any mistakes? Fear of failure is still the most prevalent form of motivation. But it is also the single most significant influence in holding people back. Sometimes they don’t even start because they don’t want to fail.

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those moments when stuff doesn’t work out as planned.

You, my dear reader, will be no different unless you are so careful in your standards and approach that you never make any mistakes. And then the chances are you will probably never see your potential realised either.

8. How you feel doesn’t matter
Chances are that when the time comes to step up and get the job done, your body, mind or belief probably won’t really feel like it’s time to go.

Bad luck. Just get on with it.

I know that sounds harsh, but the reality is that at these times, nothing is ever as good as it seems or as bad as it feels.

So rather than worrying about why you don’t feel right, get on with it.

9. Get a mirror that works
The problems, roadblocks, mistakes, and failure will be more about you than anything else.

So when things don’t go the way you want, rather than look out the window and say if the wind blew from a different direction, if the sun, the moon and the stars were in alignment, you would not be having any of these setbacks.

Get a mirror that works and use it to realise that when things don’t go the way you want, chances are there is a lot of you in the reason why.

10. Pride
If you take pride in who you are, what you do and how you do it. And I mean genuine pride. Then you will push yourself to a higher standard.

And as you do, watch as:

The Journey Continues!

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