Leadership Towards Better
January 18, 2024
Are They Getting What They Want
March 13, 2024
Leadership Towards Better
January 18, 2024
Are They Getting What They Want
March 13, 2024

As time passes, our exposure to the world allows us immense opportunity to expand our knowledge, intellect and the ability to learn.

Although we all are exposed to these opportunities at some point, how many of us (and to what degree) do we actually take advantage of them? And then, even if we take advantage of these opportunities, what do we do with this newfound knowledge, intellect and learning? How and where do we best apply it? What advantage should be the focus from our newfound life experience?

Well, to be honest, there could and should be many; however, for today, I want us to focus on just one.


The advantages to clarity are far reaching, in-depth and robust. We have all heard that we require clarity of purpose, clarity of being, clarity of self, values, and of the elements that form our character and our beliefs. All of which are very true. But when you look at the necessity for clarity and the areas it can encompass, there could easily be a corresponding degree of reluctance. Reluctance based on fear, lack of understanding, and to some degree, laziness.

But here is the thing: We need clarity to work on the hit-and-miss theory of life. Everything we do is a throw of the dice, a stab in the dark, hoping that what we are doing will work out.

Clarity brings confidence for us to know that our daily choices are formed from a strong understanding, from time-proven and life-tested beliefs. It brings confidence that our strategies are authentic, relevant and purposeful. Clarity is how we go from the unknown to the understood.

It brings with it evolution. Evolution of oneself, of our ability to maintain control, our ability to recognise, our ability to grow and prosper, our ability to ask and answer the right questions.

Above all, clarity helps with our leadership. The leadership of not only those around us for whom we are responsible but the leadership of ourselves, what we do and how we do it.

But here is the thing: Improved clarity comes from something other than flicking a switch. Clarity comes from evolution, hard work, focus, and commitment. It comes from the desire to see things the way they are and not the sometimes convenient way of how we think they are.

It comes from a preparedness to break things down and then rebuild; as we do, we learn and understand every stage we work through.

Clarity allows us the benefit of being able to make decisions that not only benefit ourselves but also provide an advantage for those around us.

Therefore, clarity inspires.

But in day-to-day life, what is clarity?

Clarity is distinguishing right from wrong.
Clarity is truly understanding the people around you
Clarity is seeing the opportunities
Clarity is realising your weaknesses
Clarity is knowing when to press forward
Clarity is understanding and living the truth
Clarity is having hope without hype
Clarity is knowing why you have self-belief
Clarity is seeing what others can’t
Clarity is how you make it better for those around you
Clarity is the difference between the moves you make and the ones others don’t
Clarity is a sense of where you belong
Clarity is the basis of your decision-making
Clarity is making the most of every situation
Clarity shows what is needed.
Clarity is about removing restrictions and exposing possibilities
Clarity is about seeing the real you
Clarity is the understanding within your relationships

Clarity isn’t everything in life, but life is certainly better with it. And the other key point here is that with clarity, undoubtedly….

The Journey Continues!

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