Bill leverages over 30 years of experience as an elite international sports coach.

During this time, he recognised the importance of strategic performance improvement and optimisation. He also realised the transferability of these skills to contribute to performance improvement within businesses and other entities. This was the impetus behind establishing Total Performance Concepts.

Bill has a unique perspective on performance improvement and its chief building blocks. His knowledge has been used by businesses, defence forces, educational institutions, local government and elite sporting programs throughout the world.

Options for performance improvement delivery:

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Options for performance improvement delivery

So how do you put the power of performance improvement to work for your organisation? That really comes down to your unique business needs, goals and style. Bill Nelson does not believe in conveyer-belt solutions. So he shares his experience and insight in a variety of ways. Choose to launch your powered-up performance improvement journey by engaging Bill as a keynote presenter and performance coach.


Keynote Presenter

Bill shares his knowledge and insights with dynamism, down-to-earth explanations and trademark charm. He strikes the perfect balance between education and entertainment. Knowing that no two organisations are alike Bill customises every presentation, workshop or keynote address to the specific needs of the client. Bill is on hand to guide you in every step of your journey to performance improvement and organisational success.


Performance Coach

Drawing on 30 years of coaching elite sports, Bill now coaches many business and organisational leaders from around the globe. His unique knowledge on how to stay constantly motivated, focused and disciplined towards your desired outcomes truly drives transformative organisational achievement. He treats every coaching client as a blank canvas, hence the title “The Success Architect” and therefore the structure and delivery of your coaching program will be specific to your requirements.


Methods of delivery

  • * Phone calls with direct access to Bill 24/7
  • * Face-to-face visits
  • * Teleconferences
  • * Webinars
  • * Keynote presentations
  • * Workshops
  • * Quarterly reviews
  • * Individualised Blueprint for Success report
  • * Frontline audit of individual leaders
  • * Tribal audit on team maturity and strength
  • * Goal-setting strategy CDs
  • * DNA audit to frame individual performance
  • * Podcasts, blog and newsletters.