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May 17, 2018
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July 16, 2018
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An Environment of Success

How well do you understand the environment in which you operate in as you pursue the achievement of the goals or outcomes to which you aspire?

Is the environment something you are able to utilise so as to get the best out of you and the situation you are in?

Is the environment you operate within less than ideal and therefore something you endure and simply bite the bullet and work through or around?

Or is the environment something that you don’t really think about and you just get on doing what you have to do?

I ask these questions in the hope that it causes you to pause for a minute or two and think about and understand the environment that you function within each and every day.

Ultimately the environment you work in will have a strong influence upon the performance and productivity of both you and all concerned. The environment will have an ability to influence the motivation, engagement and fulfilment of all that operate within it.

Even though the organisational culture can, for the most part, take care of the big picture stuff it is the small picture day to day environment that will have the greatest effect on how individual team members act and function.

The environment that you operate within, good or bad is something you have a lot of control over. It requires focus, understanding and energy. Ultimately the environment becomes what you are prepared to accept or shape, the choice is yours.

Take the time and make the effort not to accept an environment that doesn’t lend itself to the values, ideals and levels of performance and behaviour that you seek. Understand where things are currently at and what is required for both the future and the benefit of the team.

Work at it and with it each and every day. Hold each other to account to create, develop and refine an environment that you all want to be part of. An environment that helps deliver the attitudes, actions and behaviours that will lead to the outcomes that are important to you all.

And in the process ensure that…

The Journey Continues!

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