A Few Thoughts About Confidence

Leadership In Action
March 17, 2018
Their Success Or Yours
May 17, 2018
Leadership In Action
March 17, 2018
Their Success Or Yours
May 17, 2018

Either through demonstrated ability or external recognition. Don’t wait for the second one!

Search for what has made you confident in the past and see if some of that can be transferred to the current situation.

Build confidence through creating situations that allow you to understand and improve self. Situations hopefully are positive however never lose sight of the fact that major transformations, if you are prepared to make them happen, will come through setbacks.

Don’t be put off by fear of failure. Chances are you won’t get it right the first time and that’s OK. Learn about you, what you do, how you do it and then how to do it right. If you never put yourself in this position chances are you will never grow or give yourself a reason to be confident on stuff that matters.

Understand you don’t need to be confident in achieving the end result or the ultimate outcome you just need to be confident in doing and successfully completing what comes next. If that next step seems to big a hurdle break it down to that point where you realise…I can do that!

Confidence doesn’t have to be a pre requisite to start. Understand the what, how and why you are going to do what you are going to do. Action through purpose and understanding. The first step is all that matters and chances are that you can do.

Don’t wait for the right time: Dream big, start small, go now

Don’t just look at how far you have to go. Reinforce self, confidence and growth through checking out how far you have come.

Recognise the skill set you are developing, it will help you with the current task but can also give you reason to be confident in the future not just if the skill set is transferable, but because you know you can learn and achieve at the same time.

As they say…Recognise the small wins. But make sure they are helping you achieve the big ones.

Recognise, highlight, embrace and celebrate the milestones.

Build your confidence, knowledge and understanding through a preparedness to explore new possibilities, learning and experiences.

Rather than wait or work towards things getting back to normal build confidence, clarity and purpose through creating a new normal.

When the time comes when there is doubt or vulnerability, take a breath, step back, understand, seek help guidance or support a then push on. Confidence compounded through overcoming adversity or doubt.

Remember it’s your journey use the experience, skill and understanding of others but don’t be put off by those that are pushing can’t, shouldn’t and won’t.

Understand the habits, beliefs and actions that got you to where you are but then be prepared to ask and answer… Will they get me to where I want to go? Confidence comes from letting go of the past ( although recognising and respecting it) and creating a better future

Have reason to be optimistic. Recognise the goodness of self and others, understand what is controllable, stay immersed in reality, and challenge and change counterproductive beliefs, thoughts and actions

Constantly build agency. That is the resource you have available to help you achieve. Never stop building agency.

Most of all though make sure that for all the right reasons and in all the right ways you ensure…

The Journey Continues!

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