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January 14, 2021
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March 15, 2021
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You Owe It To Yourself

There are many learning experiences that have come from what each of us has been exposed to over the past twelve months.

No doubt words such as resilience, adaptable, agile, awareness have all come into play in ways more significant than perhaps in our past.

And there is another word, actually it isn’t just a word but more an outcome of everyday life whilst dealing with a worldwide pandemic. The word or outcome that I refer to is stress. 

The past twelve months have in so many ways and for a variety of reasons delivered unheralded forms of stress. 

Being a sports coach, I am seasoned in creating, delivering, managing, monitoring and relieving forms of stress. After 35 years of working in an environment that is dependant upon the delivery and recovery of a diversity of stress. I have been taught that to not only survive from stress but to actually thrive because of it the levels of stress being applied has to be directly proportional to ones ability to adapt to that stress. 

Which is a technical way of saying you need to be able to recover from the stress you become exposed to.

Now without overstating the obvious each of us has had to deal with a wide variety of stresses over the past twelve months (and unfortunately for some even longer) and also acknowledging that each type of stress also being at a variant of intensity.

Therefore, the need to have a corresponding method of recovery becomes paramount in our ability not to be adversely affected for extended periods after the stress has passed.

It is also important to recover from the normalities of the day to day. Think about it for a moment: the activities that we do every day that have an ability to create or elevate stress, we will also need to recover from those forms of stress.

We need to give both our physical and psychological self time and opportunity to rest. With this in mind, please ask yourself how will you go about creating and utilising:

-Physical rest

-Psychological rest

-Emotional rest

-Social rest

-Technological rest

-Sensory rest

-Spiritual rest

-Creative rest

-Expectation rest (either internal or external)

Please continue to explore other forms of rest and recovery that you may require. But more importantly, instigate ways in which you will actually implement and then benefit from this rest.

The benefit isn’t in the method, but in the doing.

Each and everyday you do what you can, whether needed or not to make certain that you recover from any form of stress that you may encounter.

And therefore going a long way to ensuring that for you…

The Journey Continues!

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