Four Questions Answered By Two More
December 18, 2016
Phones, Focus and Falling Over
February 18, 2017
Four Questions Answered By Two More
December 18, 2016
Phones, Focus and Falling Over
February 18, 2017

By now most, if not all of us, have some form of resolutions or goals in place for 2017. For some they will be basic, where for others they will be a little more intricate.

Horses for courses I say!

Know what is right for you. Have a number (4-6) reasons why these goals and resolutions are both important and right and then pursue them with discipline and passion.

But away from those for a moment. Are there some other skills, personal approach type questions that you might also consider that will have a huge and positive impact on the self improvement journey?

Here are a few reflection type questions for you to consider. And please feel free to expand upon the list with questions of your own:

1.  Are you always aware of the needs of others regardless of the situation and environment?

2. Do you truly understand people and or situations or do you just act upon what you think you know?

3. When in conversation, do you truly respect the views of others and show this through your desire and ability to truly listen?

4. What is it about your approach that gives others reason to trust you?

5. Are you prepared to share your true feelings, beliefs and objectives?

6. Does your experience lend itself to you making quick assumptions and judgement calls?

7. Do you, through what you do constantly but carefully, take yourself out of your comfort zone and therefore give others reason to do the same?

8. How open are you to feedback? Both positive and negative?

9. Do you truly reflect the attitudes, behaviours and expectations you have of others?

10. Is there integrity in all you say and do?

11. Are your intentions easy to understand?

12. Is your approach to both females and males similar?

13. How much of a different person do you become in certain situations?

14. Do you sometimes go too hard too quick in your approach to people, situations and outcomes?

15. What does play it safe mean to you?

16. Are you prepared to work as hard on yourself as you are toward anything else?

17. Do you hesitate at times when your approach may not win you the popularity contest?

18. When things get tough for others, are you there or do you go MIA?

19. What causes you to be very self protective?

20. Are you prepared to let go when it is in the best interest of the situation but perhaps not in your own best interest?

21. What, why and how do people learn from you?

22. Your authenticity is easy to realise because…?

You will make sure…

The Journey Continues!

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