Your Team-What Do You Want The World To Know

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July 17, 2017
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Your Team-What Do You Want The World To Know

Culture, Brand, Trademarks, Standards, Traditions are elements that at one stage or another you would like others to identify about your team or organisation. The goal is to have these elements recognised without someone having to point them out.

But what are the specific characteristics you would like an individual to acknowledge and understand about your team/organisation during the three different but equally important stages of association.

Those three stages are:

i. Introduction (Recruitment)
ii. Immersion (Day/Week 1)
iii. Departure

Here are a few examples to get you thinking:

i. Introduction
There is way more benefit than just the money
Personal responsibility is expected
Accountability is in place, it is wanted, and it is done by all
Culture is more than you think
You will be better because of the people around you
You will grow in many different ways and for many different reasons

ii. Immersion
You will need to step up
We are open and honest with each other, at all times and in all ways
We earn respect through…?
Own your role and know how it impacts on those around you and on the end result
The little things are the big things
Be a leader, take initiative, and back your judgement
A fresh perspective is welcomed

iii. Departure
I am better for the experience
The team and its leaders understood me
The skills and understanding I gained will continue to serve me well
The team is better for my involvement
They demanded a lot of me but gave even more in return
The relationship will continue beyond my departure

Create an understanding, an experience and a following that ensures…

The Journey Continues!

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