Things We Should Know How To Do But Perhaps Are/Were Never Taught

November 18, 2018
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January 6, 2019
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Things We Should Know How To Do But Perhaps Are/Were Never Taught


Change a car/bicycle tyre


Change a blown electrical fuse

How to make a good first impression

To respectfully disagree with someone

Change a tap washer

Propose a toast

Understand self

Lift/door etiquette

How to chair a meeting

Control a car when skidding

Coping strategies

Give/receive a compliment

Conversations in unfamiliar social situations

Maintain perspective


Table etiquette


Jump start a car

Remembering peoples names

Pin a GPS coordinate on your technology device

Deliver bad news

Get out of a rip/current in the ocean

Tell time/direction by looking at the sun

Close off the water main to the house/unit


Deal with failure/rejection

Forgive someone


Execute the Heimlich

Read a map and use a compass

Deal with change

Increase self confidence

Respectfully say No

How to tell a story or a joke

Correctly read ingredients labels

OK to be different/self acceptance

Drive safely in heavy rain/snow/wind

Read the direction of the wind

Fix a blocked toilet

How to tell truth from fiction

Write a will

Stress management


Deal with grief


Develop character

Comfort in being alone

Recognising and developing self worth

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