The Intersections Of Success

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September 15, 2019
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The Intersections Of Success

Sometimes, and if we are, to be honest, more often than not we see advancement in a very single dimensional manner. Basically a sequential, non-pausing journey from point A to B.

But is this correct?

Understanding and progression are both elements of advancement but are sometimes seen as being completely different. Different in that one has us moving forward and the other can sometimes divert our headway. However, in reality, both are elements of momentum and advancement.

If advancement is seen as only being a non-pausing, lineal progression then we are missing out on an element that will aid us now and in the future. And that element is understanding.

The time, focus and effort required to understand may slow the directness of the movement from point A to Point B. Understanding could be easily be viewed as a lateral move as opposed to a linear progression, however, this lateral move should not be mistaken for lack of progress and advancement.

The reality soon becomes apparent that as we come out of the other side of a process of understanding we are in a much better position than when we went into it.

Hence progress and advancement have been made. And therefore…

The Journey Continues!

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