I Hear Voices-But Which One Do You Listen To

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June 15, 2019
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I Hear Voices-But Which One Do You Listen To

“So maybe if I had listened to (Insert staff members name) earlier and acted upon what they were saying they may not have left?”

A question that was asked of me just after our client had informed me that in a recent video conference session a guru had told them that their business needed to be more process orientated.

My question then was “why did the voice of the staff member have less gravity and penetration than that of the guru?” Especially when they were essentially saying the same thing.

And when in reality the staff member had a vested interest in seeing your business do well whereas the guru had zero.

As we both know and have probably witnessed personally the familiar voice, the old voice, the less experienced voice doesn’t always get heard. But the new voice, the voice of a person with initials before or after their name, the voice that comes from afar these voices get listened to, they get heard and in many cases, they get acted upon.

Therefore my question to you right now is what voices are you hearing but are not truly listening to?

What insight are you missing out on because it is coming from a familiar origin?

What initiatives are stagnating because the information is coming from an old source?

What tried but true methodology is not being utilised because the cheerleader for them is not new to you?

Create, ask and answer the difficult questions and in doing so make sure that in all the right ways and for all the right reasons…

The Journey Continues!

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