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August 14, 2019
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October 14, 2019
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Get On With It

Sometimes there is a clearly defined starting and finishing point. Other times maybe not so. Understanding when there is and isn’t is important, however, the latter should not be the reason not to start.

Let’s look at it in this way, there is a clearly defined starting point for a New Years resolution. Alternatively, for most there is never a good time to start a diet nor is there really a definitive time when you should start.

Getting started in most things is key, but even then getting started doesn’t always determine where you will end up, how you will get there or how long it will take but at least you are now in the game and moving forward. The reality of getting started is that it increases your opportunity to determine what comes next, and once that is realised you are no longer starting you are on your way.

Unfortunately, most people rather than start, spend way too much time attempting to create the perfect plan, to outline and understand all contingencies, or they wait for the sign or the magic moment that the time is right! They procrastinate because they can see the future and feel the need to be in control of every aspect of the journey that sits in front of them. They are waiting for someone to validate their approach, to tell them what they are doing is right or that it will be alright or that everything will turn out all right.

Insecurities arise and momentum (if any exists) is brought to an abrupt halt.

Alternatively, the successful ones have already started, they’re on their way, they have already fallen base over apex picked themselves and continued to gain momentum through understanding, reflection and experience.

Of course, set goals, create plans, determine the process and define your contingencies but don’t spend to much time in contemplation, spend your time in action and as you do make sure that in all the right ways and for all the right reasons…

The Journey Continues!

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