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May 11, 2015
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Forever Grateful and Thankful

Over the past week there has been a number of instances that when combined, have made me take a step back and take stock. Not that anything was bad, quite the contrary. Basically I had a few conversations with four different clients that were immensely personal and at the same time, based on very difficult circumstances for each of the individuals involved.

The reason for my step back and take stock?


There was no way on earth these conversations would have ever taken place if there wasn’t a huge element of trust between the clients and myself. You may point out of course, there needs to be a huge level of trust between a coach and a client, and you would be right.

But this was different.

These were conversations that were deeply personal and ones that had me saying ‘thank you for the trust they placed in me’ by being prepared to share these confidentialities.

I have often stated that…”Coaching is an act of faith” and that you can never coach or lead anyone until they give you permission to do so. With this in mind, I never take for granted the trust I am afforded in situations such as these and many others I have been involved with.

It was and always has been, a terribly humbling experience when someone allows you the opportunity to be involved in their lives to the degree to which I am alluding.

I would love to tell youth ABC of how to gain a level of trust like this, however the reality is, it is easier to identify than define. But this isn’t about me and what I do and how. My reason for writing this post was to simply outline the fact that I (as does everyone else in a similar position) have a lot to be thankful for.

Hopefully, and for all the right reasons…

The Journey Continues!

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