Compliant – The word that says a lot

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February 18, 2017
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Compliant – The word that says a lot

Compliance or compliant is not the way you want to describe any part of your organisation, even around the area of safety!

If you are simply leading the organisation or team to be nothing more than compliant in and around things that matter, then the team or organisation at best will just be nothing more than adequate.

Compliant is all about average. Compliance is about minimum standard.

And I am pretty sure you don’t want your organisation or the people that work in it to be just average or achieving minimum in anyway shape or form.

Compliant lends itself to the notion that you do what is required and nothing more, to some this may see fine however, if you take a step back and look at it all it is doing is sending the message to the team that you are not interested in going above and beyond you are OK with average that you don’t want energy, drive, innovation, excellence etc, you are just happy being compliant.

The same applies in what you want from the people around you, you don’t want them to be just compliant. Although complaint means they do as they are asked, they come in at the right time, they do what need to be done and then they leave the same way they came, on time. They don’t cause problems, ruffle feathers or fall short.

A reasonable outcome most certainly.

However if you create and environment, a culture and an approach that shows that the organisation itself is operating way above the level of compliance then all of a sudden there becomes good reason and opportunity for the individual within the organisation to move from simply being compliant to being committed to the purpose, direction, goals, standards and culture of the organisation or team they are associated with.

Compliant and compliance is about being average. We are not a team or an organisation that is happy with just being compliant, nor do we want you to be happy with being compliant.

If the organisation and the people with in it are capable of way more than compliance then you as a leader or as a team member should never fall in to the trap of accepting compliance as the standard.

If you do then compliance becomes the enemy of greatness!

Greatness may take more energy, focus, commitment and drive but then again the reward, self satisfaction and confidence that comes from operating above and beyond compliant makes it more than worth while.

But above all else it will also go a long way in making sure…

The Journey Continues!

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