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Back Yourself

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” It is an ongoing commitment to a dream, to a goal, to a series of strategies and processes involved in attaining, securing, and accomplishing an outcome.

Success is usually judged by the outcomes you attain and then comparing them with prescribed targets you set previously.

Please allow me to pose this to you…Is this the best way to really judge your success?

Look carefully at the comparison of your results against your predetermined targets. Are you happy with those results? If you are attaining your prescribed outcomes, of course, you should be delighted.

However…Are you satisfied with where you are?

How can you achieve more? How can you become more productive? Simple, you question everything you do, and you consistently strive to be better. Both as an individual and as a member of a team!

If you want to attain real success, rather than judge your outcomes against your targets, try judging your results against your potential.

Now before you jump into this too fast, let me say this. Do not under any circumstances sell yourself short or try to accept that you do not have a significant amount of potential. I believe, in all facets of life, the only restrictions you have are the ones you place upon your self.

In actual terms, your potential is vast, and if you can view it in this light, then the opportunities for success become the same. It has often been discussed that you only use 10% of your potential. What is it that you need to get into that other 90%?

Understand that the pursuit of success is not leisurely, but it can be both rewarding and exciting. There will be challenges along the way, challenges that will question everything about you, but this is part of what makes it exciting. The fact that you are prepared to back yourself against anything that circumstance will throw your way.

Be open-minded and demand great things of you and great things can happen.


Because you will make it that way.

The Journey Continues!

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