I Hear Voices-But Which One Do You Listen To
July 14, 2019
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An Important Waste Of Time

How much time, effort, emotion, thought and energy do you spend on stuff that really doesn’t matter?

At any given time in our day, there is stuff that seems important, like really important. And usually not just because of the situation itself but more because of the emotion that has been generated around that situation. However in many instances, if we were able to fast track forward to some time in the future you will find yourself asking “What was I thinking?”

So rather than waiting until the future becomes the present make the effort now to step back from both the situation and the emotion, go to a different vantage point, think about and look at the situation in a different way. Ask other individuals for their read on the situation and gain a different perspective from them.

It will either solidify your thinking that this situation is truly important or it will give you a reason to understand that it’s not.

My challenge for you is to respect every second of every minute of every hour of every day and don’t waste any time, energy and effort on stuff that in the true light of day doesn’t matter.

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