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February 19, 2018
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April 15, 2018
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Leadership In Action

Leadership is an active job and not a passive role. Don’t let policies and procedure, system and structure, plans and strategies be the impetus for the direction, support and guidance of the people that you are responsible for.

Nothing can ever replace the effectiveness of the personal contact that you can provide. Your commitment to those you lead is shown through your deliberate and relentless quest to help them become better.

There are no do-overs, no rehearsals no sound checks this is it, the real deal the business of ongoing help support and development of those you lead.

If someone is going to place their professional and to a certain degree person development in your hands then it is imperative you understand and proactively respond to both the responsibility and opportunity that comes with it.

Once again I remind you that “Leadership is an act of faith” you can’t really lead anyone until they give you permission to do so.

So by the way you do what you do give them a reason, through what you do show them that you are an active partner in their development. The judgement of you as a leader doesn’t happen at evaluation time, it doesn’t happen through an evaluation report or in the next 360 review, nor does it happen in the next peer group meeting. It happens in each moment of the day it happens in and around everything you think do or say, it happens in real time.

Don’t just be an active leader because you must, do it because someone trusts you enough to allow you the opportunity to lead them. Understand, recognise and respond accordingly!

Do it because you take pride in yourself, your leadership and most of all in the ongoing 24/7 role of guiding and developing those you lead.

Do it because those you lead deserve to get the best out of themselves because you are willing and able to give them the best of you.

And do it, to ensure that…

The Journey Continues!

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